No Creator Entries for Writers?

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I'm curious. I think I'm noticing a trend in that all the creators that are already in the database are artists. Is this just my perception, and I'm not looking hard enough? Or do we need to add writers to the creative index?

I've already added Geoff Johns, but I've noticed especially in creating the Avengers issue summaries that we don't have an entry for Stan Lee. How is this possible? ;-)

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When I started building up data for Comicvine getting creator information was the trickiest and least successful script I wrote.

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CV is extremely poor in creators at the moment. I had to add Alan Moore!

We'll get there. When I approve a new creator make sure you then add a credit of theirs to at least one issue in each volume they've worked on. That'll make sure that those volumes show up on their pages and don't look so blank.

Captain Cascader turns his hands up and floats away to go work on the ugly giant mod queue, a foe even more deadly then Red LAMP

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Ah, so is there's no problem with me creating missing creator pages then, right. runs off to create pages for Stan Lee, Chris Claremont, Fabien Nicieza...

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It seems since this thread started that CV has got a lot more writer pages so well done for posting this thread!