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I'm tired of the portrayal of advanced alien races being portrayed as essential having modern human technology plus hover-cars and warp drive. Below I've outlined a proposed new metric for the evaluation of advanced species. A species ranking would be based on how many of the eight various milestones its accomplished (our own would be a mere one). They are ordered accordingly to what I believe is their probable order of achievement, though not all early feats are necessary prerequisites to subsequent ones. It is my hope that in the future writers will give greater consideration to the technological and social advancements species such as Kryptonians and Asgardians have over modern human beings.

  1. Demonstration of Mass-Energy Equivalence
  2. Creation of Artificial Intelligence
  3. Abolition of death and aging through self-guided evolution
  4. Reconciliation of General Relativity and Quantum Mechanics in the Theory of Everything
  5. Discovery of the Universal Moral Laws and the various proof and theorems demonstrating such
  6. Abolition of civil government
  7. Synthesis of the key interrelated branches of knowledge: Logic, Mathematics, Physics, Metaphysics, and Ethics
  8. Achievement of Faster than Light speed propulsion
  9. First Contact with interstellar intelligent life