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I looking for Comics(Marvel,DC,Image,or etc) that are very funny(Besides Deadpool i have lots of his comics) and with action plus artwork were characters look more cartoon/anime style like Gurihiru,Humberto Ramos,and Ed McGuinness

Leave a comment below to suggest comics that i might be interested to buy

Here's a list of Comics i have :

Everything With Deadpool

Dial H

Superman/Batman Public Enemies and Vengeance

Megaman Archie Comics

Scott Pilgrim



Here's a list of Comics I'm planning to buy:


Atomic Robo

Plasticman in the JLA

Axe Cop Bad Guy Earth

Teen Titans Go Cartoon comics

Batman The Brave And Bold Cartoon comics

Formerly Known As Justice League

I Can't Believe It's Not Justice League

Hulk And The Thing Big Change

Great Lakes Avengers Misassembled

Ambush Bug

The Tick

Barry Ween Boy Genius

Blue Beetle Pre Flashpoint

Spider Island

Secret Six


Runaways with Avengers Academy

Power Pack

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I recommend if you want a funny comic than you should read Tiny Titans

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Pretty good list. A comic I find pretty darn funny is Chew by John Layman and Rob Guillory from Image. It's funny, violent, and has cyborg rooster named Poyo. What more could you wan't in a comic?

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