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Hey Comic Viners!

I've actually never posted to the site before (am actually a giantbomb member more than anything) but have a serious interest in comics and wanted expert advice (kissing up typically helps ha ha). I wanted to start reading Geoff Johns' Green Lantern run but wanted to make sure I was getting the *full* thing. What I want to do is get as much of it as I can in as few collected editions as possible if that makes sense. So far my research has led me to think this is the order I should go in:

Rebirth, No Fear, Revenge of the Green Lanterns, Wanted: Hal Jordan, The Sinestro Corps War (in the big ass hardcover edition says 448 pages but I'm unsure where it ends), (here is where I get real fuzzy) Secret Origin, Rage of the Red Lanterns, Agent Orange, Absolute Blackest Night (not out til July but think it covers the entire thing), then the Brightest Day run (which I don't think has an absolute collection yet but probably will eventually).

I just wanted to know if I'm correct and have listed them properly without missing anything major. Also if you guys know if there are larger collections which help me spend less it would be appreciated. So yeah any help would be incredibly appreciated looking forward to hopping into the newer green lantern universe and start collecting what I've been told is an amazing run.


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@d_bones: that looks about right....you can skip Brightest Day though and just continue with the Green Lantern titles....Brightest Day dealt with the fallout of Blackest Night with the rest of the DC Universe and didn't touch on the Green Lantern Corps at all