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Who is he?

Nathaniel Cade was a religious man who served aboard a whale hunting vessel in 1867. It was attacked by a vampire who murdered almost everyone on board. Nathaniel Cade was unlucky (or lucky depending on your point of view) enough to be turned into a vampire during said attack. After waking up, and not recognizing himself the young sailor was consumed by a thirst he could not quench. That is until he found the other survivors. He killed, and drained two of his best friends.

After this he was captured by soldiers under direct orders from Andrew Johnson who made a real holy man out of him. Get it, because they peppered him with enough parabellums to--nevermind, just forget I said that.

He grew stronger by the day, and when his wounds healed he begged them to end his miserable existence. They denied him, and instead called upon the voodoo queen. Marie Laveau humored the notion, and asked him if that was what he truly wanted. After realizing that it wasn't, and that there was no way the lord would accept an unholy abomination such as himself he relents.

Marie Laveau refuses to turn Nathaniel Cade into Andrew Johnson's mindless slave, and instead sees that the young sailor could amount to so much more. The voodoo queen uses the bullet that killed Abraham Lincoln to forge a blood oath. This would bind Nathaniel Cade to protect and serve his country, and yet allow him to keep his individuality.

Now for the rest of his unlife he would do the bidding of the presidents of the United States of America, and those appointed by them as liaisons in the contract of the blood oath.

What can he do?

Nathaniel Cade would be classified as a vampire king at this point due to his age but his refusal to drink human blood because of his faith has had a negative impact on his abilities. As well as the fact he wears a cross around his neck. Which, as with any religious paraphernalia, causes vampires agonizing pain. It's noted that said eating habits are considered a fate worse than death to most vampires. If they refuse to drink human blood and drink animal blood instead their bodies degenerate; then they become immobile, decrepit, and riddled with cancerous growths.

Nathaniel Cade has been maintaining these unhealthy eating habits for the past hundred and forty years. So, keep the above in mind when looking at what he is capable of. He has only fed on human blood as of Red, White, and Blood. The latest entry in the series.

Despite this Nathaniel Cade is noted as one of the most dangerous individuals on the planet. This is because he was turned by a vampire king, and therefore was reborn as powerful as him. The local vampires, and vampire kings give him a wide berth. The last time they tried to teach him a "lesson" ended with those same vampires, and vampire kings being made an example of. Tania, another vampire (and Nathaniel Cade's booty call), specifically refuses to hunt any "innocent" humans because of this.

The displayed abilities we see Nathaniel Cade have include superhuman strength, superhuman speed, superhuman durability, and superhuman endurance. As well as superhuman senses (hearing, taste, touch, sight and smell) and a healing factor; he can heal from practically any grievous wound in minutes, and regenerate lost body parts. His motor functions, and intelligence are enhanced; as an extension of this he has a photographic memory. He has a natural connection to the Other Side (an alternate dimension), and can travel freely between it and reality. He can drag his enemies into the Other Side, and trap them there. The Other Side devours a person's body and soul, rapidly ages them, and destroys their mind. Which doesn't faze a vampire, or vampire king due to their physiology.

He does not need to breath, and he does not sweat. His body does not produce an odor. His heart does not beat. Nor does his body produce fatigue poisons, and his stamina is inexhaustible so long as he has recently fed. He only needs to feed after the course of several days but he also feeds in order to heighten his healing factor. As for sleep he does not need it so long as he remains active during the night. If he is active during the day after a week of such activity he must sleep for twelve hours, and in complete darkness. This can be mitigated by drinking blood to restore his stamina.

Diseases, biological weapons, nerve agents, gases, and poisons are useless against him. This includes supernatural afflictions, and advanced mutagenic retro-viruses. Psychic attacks are useless against him, and any attempts to attack his mind would lead to a psychic coming into contact with the Other Side. Which has a habit of devouring their bodies and souls from the inside out.

Then there's the fact that as a natural predator he instills fear in those around him with his presence, and he seems to have some control over it. It is ingrained in human beings on an evolutionary scale, and they naturally fear the dark because of vampires. Often times those who meet him become quivering wrecks during their first encounter, lose control of their bladders and bowels, and black out in some particularly bad cases. However, continued exposure to him allows a tolerance to be built.

He should also have the ability to shape-shift and fly but his eating habits have hindered those particular talents. At least that's what he claims, and it's heavily implied that he is lying in order to conceal the entire extent of his abilities which haven't been reviewed since the 1970s. Now that he has recently started drinking human blood he should have the capability.

What are his weaknesses?

Sunlight does not set him on fire.

However, he is weaker when the sun is out and it's worse in direct sunlight. He operates at 1/4 his usual ability during the day.

He is weak against religious paraphernalia just as any vampire is but he has grown very accustomed to the pain they cause. It's negligible at best, and he has developed a tolerance for it going so far as wearing a cross around his neck. The likes of artifacts of a divine persuasion such as John the Baptist's hand can only make him wince in pain.

His biggest weakness is fire. It deactivates the proteins that make him so durable but even then it's not something that can instantly bring an end to his unlife. He was pinned to a pillar with a flaming sword for nine hours, and lived to tell the tale. This is despite the fact that the sword was burning with a blue-white flame.

As for the limits of his healing factor completely destroying either his heart or his head can end him. That is with emphasis on completely. Just destroying part of them is not enough. Which might not even be a problem as of the moment Nathaniel Cade drinks Megan Roark's blood in Red, White, and Blood.

Which is when his healing factor gets a considerable upgrade. At that point he is able to instantly regenerate from the damage the activating proteins for fibrin caused. Which includes his insides petrifying, and turning into sand; his bones and tissues suffering from millions of fractures, and his brain exploding.

What will this thread cover?

I will be separating his showings into categories, and organizing them that way.

Now without further adieu.

I. Strength

II. Speed/Reflexes

III. Durability/Endurance

IV. Healing Factor/Immunities

V. Senses/Awareness

VI. Miscellaneous

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I. Strength

#1 Blood Oath

Cade launches werewolf after werewolf into the air as he puts an end to them, sending them flying as if shot out from a cannon.


Cade crushes the knee of a werewolf with a kick, and shatters his lower leg.


Cade slams a werewolf, the Alpha Male of his pack, off of Wayne and into a wall. It notes that Cade jumps sixteen stories in order to reach them (which is about a hundred and seventy-four feet). He then lifts the Alpha Male off his feet, and tears his lower jaw off before stabbing him in the chest with a silver knife.


Cade notes that he can easily break out of some steel chains, and this is right after he is turned into a vampire. He also shakes off some soldiers as if they are fleas.


Cade rips a steel door off its hinges.


A Nightmare Pet briefing book. Nathaniel Cade has no problem bench pressing four thousand pounds, and he is said to have the strength of twenty men. It notes that he can jump over twenty-four feet into the air from a standing position.


Cade tugs on the hand of a large bodyguard who put his hand on his shoulder. Who he realizes is a boxer. This dislocates the boxer's arm, and twists it at an unnatural angle. The boxer reaches for his pistol with his other hand. After which the vampire king casually throws the boxer through a plate glass window, and outside of the building.


Cade shoves his hand through a car door, and destroys it. The rest of the car doesn't fare particularly well either.



Cade pushes a dumpster that has a bunch of metal parts in it from a nearby machine shop, and sends it flying out of an alley with enough force that it crashes into a pursuit vehicle. At that point said pursuit vehicle is knocked out of the street, and crashes into some parking meters. He tears the passenger door from the pursuit vehicle off, and flings it away.



Cade tackles Barrows, breaking one of his ribs as he lifts him off his feet. He then carries Barrows out of the building, and outruns an explosion before kicking a door off its hinges. Note, this is during the day when he is operating at 1/4 his ability.


Cade breaks into an ATM by punching it, and shoves his hand through steel in order to reach for some "operating capital." Note, this is during the day when he is operating at 1/4 his ability. He also lost one of his arms in the explosion from earlier.


Cade throws Holt clear over her kitchen counter, and into her kitchen causing her to bounce off her fridge and hit the floor as she crashes into it.


Cade breaks through some lexan-layered glass reinforced with titanium frames, and does so with trivial ease.


Cade breaks Ken's neck.


Cade overpowers four heavily armed Arab men, and sends the last one flying into a nearby ship.


Cade tears through some steel chains, and tears a lock off of a container's door.


Cade tears the door from an atrium off, and rescues Tania. It's an impressive instance of speed as he is able to move faster than Tania, another vampire, can react too.


Cade throws a marine a dozen yards away, and steals his helicopter.


Okay, some context for the following. An unmenschsoldat is an undead abomination made using Konrad's elixir of life. It is supernaturally strong, fast, and durable. Any hand guns are useless against them.As well as assault rifles like an M16. They don't feel pain, and don't get tired. They can tear through the White House's defenses which are strong enough to withstand hellfire missiles with their bare hands.They are strong enough to cause earthquakes that shake the entire White House.It takes a head shot from an AT4 loaded with a high explosive anti-tank rocket in order to destroy their head. Which may or may not be enough to keep them down. If you're lucky it does.If you're not lucky its body or parts of its body keep on fighting. They are known as "city killers" because they can depopulate entire cities. This is in reference to modern day cities.

Cade smashes through the rear entry of the White House, and hits an unmenschsoldat causing it to rock back. Just a note Cade breaking through the White House's defenses is also impressive because they are said to handle anything up to a hellfire missile. It was only the Oval Office's doors that didn't have any of the homogeneous armor.


Cade tears an arm off the same unmenschsoldat, and beats it to death with it.



Cade lifts the resolute desk, weighing at over a thousand pounds, over his head and kicks a couch out of the away. He then repeatedly crushes the roach-soldat with it until the resolute desk breaks.


Cade rams into an unmenschsoldat forcing it through the Oval Office's doors.



#2 The President's Vampire

Cade twists a terrorist's head around 360 degrees, takes another terrorist's AK-47 and forces it through his chest, and then throws another terrorist into a bottomless abyss.


Cade easily overpowers Book, and notes that he could break every bone in his body with trivial ease.


Cade silently snaps the vertebrae of two assassins by gripping the base of their necks, and Tania stabs the third assassin in the chest with her hand.


Cade beats a snake head to death with his bare hands. Just a note snake heads are tough enough that they are bullet proof, and need to be taken down by grenade launchers or heavy machine guns loaded with .50 caliber rounds.


Cade tears apart a bunch of agents working for Graves. He ends up painting the walls with their remains.



Cade takes a bite out of a snake head's neck, and tears its throat open.


Cade dodges a snake head's lunge at him, grabs its leg and slams it against some metal stairs, tears its tongue out, and then breaks off one of its claws which he uses to cut open its belly. He then punches it back into the ground, and lets it bleed out before shattering one of its knees.


Cade wedges his fingers into the steel plating of the USNS Virtue.


Cade stops Tania from punching through some girl's skull for her sass. Note, Tania is a vampire too.


Cade claws his fingers into smooth concrete, and nearly tears a mercenary's head off.


Cade crushes the windpipes of two other mercenaries, hits three mercenaries kevlar helmets so hard that the shock wave reduces their brains to jelly, makes his hand into a knife and cuts through another mercenary's kevlar helmet reducing his head to mush. Then, after that, throws another mercenary the length of a football field. Just for reference the length of a football field is on average 120 yards or 360 feet.


Cade grabs a snake head by the snout as it lunges for Bell, and forces its mouth open until its head touches its back causing its neck to break.


#3 The Burning Men

Cade punches through a wall, crushes someone's hand, walks through the wall, breaks their wrist, and bends their forearm in half.



Cade crushes someone's throat before they can spontaneously combust.


Cade snaps Josh's neck with trivial ease, and he moves so fast that Barrows can't see him do it.


Cade makes his hand into a knife, and stabs Novak in the chest with it. Note, this is during the day when he is operating at 1/4 his ability.


Cade crushes Thompson's spine, reducing it to bonemeal and pulp. Note, this is during the day when he is operating at 1/4 his ability.


#4 Red, White and Blood

Cade overpowers the Boogeyman, lifts him by the neck, impales him on a door post of a car, and then pushes said car along with the Boogeyman down a ravine breaking the car's breaks in the process. Just for reference the Boogeyman is known to be a psychic parasite, that grants all of its hosts inhuman strength and resistance against damage.As well as the ability to distort reality around them. Which includes things like "phones not working, cars not starting, locked doors opening, and even the weather changing; rain, and snow storms appearing in midsummer then disappearing into thin air." It is known as the patron saint of serial killers.It has taken multiple incarnations,and many of which are implied to be Jason Voorhees.It's true body is comparable in size to that of a newborn continent,when it completes its possession,it physically enters someone's body through their heart and veins permeating every fiber of their being.Also, the inverted pentagram necessary to summon it has to be comparable in size to North America.This is so a breach in King Solomon's defensive web can be made that is large enough for it to come through. The Boogeyman induces an instinctual fear in everything around it, and heals as fast as Nathaniel Cade does. This to the point that it can regenerate from being shot, stabbed, drowned, burned, decapitated, dismembered, and buried. It can manipulate probability in its favor. As well as having some measure of telekinesis, and the ability to "devour" things just like the Other Side does.


Cade matches the strength of the Boogeyman again.


Cade breaks through the hull of a ship, and the panel that was ejected out slams into the Boogeyman.


Cade torpedoes both himself and the Boogeyman to the bottom of Lake Havasu before walking back to the surface.


Cade throws a man over his shoulder, into the air, and onto a parking lot.


Ulysses S. Grant notes that Nathaniel Cade could have torn apart the metal manacles holding him down like paper, and could have murdered him a dozen times over at any time that he wants. This is two years after Nathaniel Cade became a vampire.


Cade breaks the arm of a biker, snapping it in half, and sends another biker flying through a door with a light shove. He overpowers, and makes short work of a bunch of other bikers. He broke Collins sternum, all of his ribs, and his collar bone.




Cade tears a couple of skinheads apart with his bare hands after running through the YMCA's windows.


Cade punches a man in the chest so hard that his ribs shatter, and puncture his heart.


Cade yanks another skinhead towards his fist, and the skinhead's throat is crushed. The man chokes to death on the floor.


Cade throws the mangled corpse of one skinhead across one of the YMCA's hallways, and towards some other skinheads. He breaks through the ceiling, and lands on Anders snapping his spine. Another two of the skinheads raise their hands in surrender. Cade snaps their necks anyway.


Cade folds Jericho in half like a piece of paper, and leaves him to die. He then jumps through another ceiling, and grabs the Boogeyman by the neck.



Cade and the Boogeyman tear through the YMCA as they fight, and bust through the infrastructure of the building.


Cade and the Boogeyman meet each other with the grace of a car crash. Cade is able to put up a fight but he is ultimately outmatched in strength during the day, and in direct sunlight.



Cade gets back up, resists the urge to drink some blood, runs through a cabin beaming with sunlight, and forces the Boogeyman into the metal framework of the plane.





Cade matches the Boogeyman, manages to hold his own, and restrains him as he dive bombs the patron saint of serial killers 37000 feet into the ground from a plane. Only letting go at the last moment and spinning away, as the velocity was enough that when the Boogeyman lands he leaves a large crater. Note, this is in direct sunlight as he forces the Boogeyman out of the plane.




Cade visits the Boogeyman in the private military hospital it is being kept in. We learn that Cade plans on keeping it trapped in its host by keeping it in a perpetual state of near death. This would prevent it from returning to the Other Side, and taking another host. Cade breaks the Boogeyman's finger like a twig, and annually returns to break the Boogeyman's body so badly that it takes six months to recover. This is impressive as the Boogeyman is superhumanly strong, and durable; its host contains the Boogeyman's true body which is comparable in size to a newborn continent. Which is another thing to consider.





Cade smashes his fists through a computer, and destroys a large portion of the Reliquary containing many of the "trophies" from his past operations. This includes many of the relics he accumulated over the years.


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II. Speed/Reflexes

#1 Blood Oath

Cade easily outmatches a pack of werewolves, and fights them by the handful despite the fact they are supernaturally fast. The Alpha Male is noted to be faster than sound, and dodges a bullet moving at twenty-eight hundred feet per second. Despite not hearing it or seeing it meaning he most likely got out of its way after it touched his temple. Cade runs a distance of a hundred yards, jumps over sixteen stories (which is about a hundred and seventy-four feet), and rams the Alpha Male into a wall before it can tear Wayne's throat open. The Alpha Male was right on top of Wayne, and so close Wayne could smell his breathe and feel his saliva drip onto his neck. Which means Cade is moving hundreds of times faster than sound. It has recently been calculated, and the most likely assumption is that it's Mach 568.



Cade moves so fast he appears to teleport a dozen feet away from where he was before from Barrows perception of his movements. This has recently been calculated, and it is 54 mph.


Cade repeats this same trick in a flashback. Only this time he "teleports" a distance of about a mile in order to reach Konrad's camp. This has recently been calculated, and it is Mach 31.



Cade outruns a speeding car that passes a stop sign, vaults over it, and moves so fast that the driver doesn't see him move as he sprints ahead of the car.


Cade keeps a steady pace of forty-five miles per hour on an overpass.


Cade pushes a dumpster with metal parts in it from a local machine shop with enough force that it shoots out of an alley, and intercepts a pursuit vehicle.



Cade tackles Barrows, lifts him up and carries him, outruns an explosion, and kicks a door off its hinges as he escapes from a building. Note, this is during the day when he is at 1/4 his usual ability.


Cade is able to cripple three men (read: horribly maim, and murder) before any of them can pull the triggers of their guns.


Cade moves so fast that security cameras can't see him move.


Cade overpowers four heavily armed Arab men, and murders three of them before any of them can reach their weapons. The last one only manages to grab his weapon before he is sent flying into a nearby ship.


Cade moves faster than Tania and removes her explosive collar. Note, Tania is a vampire too.


Cade perceives M16 gunfire, and the bullets fired from them as "lazy bumblebees, floating in the air."



Cade sneaks into Dylan's apartment, moves around using his "teleporting" trick, and does it again as he prepares to deal out some serious punishment.


#2 The President's Vampire

Cade rips out the larynx of one of Osama Bin Laden's personal bodyguards before he can pull the trigger on his rifle. Note, this man was a veteran and an experienced fighter reputed as one of the elite.


Cade, even after his wound from when he was pinned to a pillar with a flaming sword for nine hours reopened causing him to bleed out, was fast enough to shove a live grenade into Osama Bin Laden's mouth and kick him away. After the latter became a snake head. Which is impressive because snake heads are able to move fast enough to claw a person's hand and head off before their brain can send signals to their body or process what is even happening. A time-frame is given then too. That of a nanosecond.It has recently been calculated, and the result is at around 2.118 c. Doubly impressive was the fact Osama Bin Laden was only millimeters away from tearing his throat out.


Cade is a blur as he grabs Book's hand.


More on Nathaniel Cade's speed from a briefing book. He can run at speeds of seventy-five miles per hour, it only takes him a hundred and eighty milliseconds to cross a distance of 13.1 feet (which is fifty miles per hour from a standing start), his short burst speed is far greater than his sustained speed, there is no delay between thought and action for him, meaning that the moment he thinks to do something he does. In contrast to humans who have a delayed response. Which considering that he can do things like calculate the amount of corpses on the USNS Virtue in a nanosecond? This means every action he takes when he is moving as fast as he can is happening within that time-frame.


Cade is noted to be faster than snake heads, and easily dispatches one.


Cade dodges a snake head's lunge at him, grabs its leg and slams it against some metal stairs, tears its tongue out, and then breaks off one of its claws which he uses to cut open its belly. He then punches it back into the ground, and lets it bleed out before shattering one of its knees.


Cade is able to calculate the amount of corpses on the USNS Virtue in the time-frame of a single nanosecond. This seems to be more processing than speed. We see how superior Cade is when compared to snake heads as he was able to purge the USNS Virtue of them despite the fact they numbered in the hundreds. Specifically, there were six-hundred and ninety seven of them on board.


Cade is able to find, and beat a snake head to death before it can even get ready to fight him.


Nathaniel Cade moves so quickly he disappears from sight after encountering Hunter S. Thompson. As if he wasn't even there before to begin with.


Cade uses his "teleporting" trick to appear behind three assassins, and snaps the vertebrae of two assassins cleanly in half before anyone can notice. The third assassin is killed as Tania stabs him in the chest with her hand.


Cade snaps the necks of two guards so quickly that it appears to happen at the same time. He then quickly knocks out two other guards.



Cade perceives the depleted uranium buckshot fired from a bunch of AA-12 combat shotguns as "snowflakes, drifting in the air." He jumps out of the way but one stray parabellum clips his leg.


Cade dodges some more depleted uranium buckshot, and his punches are noted to have the velocity of a "tank shell."


Cade grabs a snake head by the snout as it lunges for Bell, and forces its mouth open until its head touches its back causing its neck to break.


Cade cranks up his reflexes as he fights the shadow men, everything slows down to a crawl, he realizes that they're quite literally shadows, and intercepts an attack meant for Barrows.


#3 The Burning Men

Cade snaps Josh's neck so quickly that Barrows doesn't see him do it.


Cade searches through Logan's security system in order to find his target: Tyson Novak. This is a combination of speed and processing. He looks through hundreds of feeds, and thousands of images per minute. Through a combination of his incredible processing ability, and his fingers blurring across the keyboard he is able to find the terrorist. Note, this is during the day when he is operating at 1/4 his ability.



Barrows notes that Cade can run 75 miles per hour and move faster than a "literal goddamn speeding bullet." Note, this is during the day when he is operating at 1/4 his ability.


Cade notes that he is still fast and strong enough to crush Tyson Novak's neck before anyone in the airport would notice. Note, this is during the day when he is operating at 1/4 his ability.


Cade moves fast enough to make his hand into a knife, and stab Tyson Novak in the chest with it. He is able to kill the terrorist before he can finish spontaneously combusting. Note, this is during the day when he is operating at 1/4 his ability.


#4 Red, White, and Blood

Cade catches the Boogeyman's axe, and throws it back at him. It happens so quickly that the observer hears the "thunk" long after it is embedded in the Boogeyman's forehead. Which means that the axe was thrown back faster than sound.


Cade "teleports" before Tom's eyes, and crashes into the Boogeyman at which point they crush the frame of his car.


Cade does his "teleporting" trick again, as he appears in front of Lane and stops the Boogeyman from murdering the teenager.


Cade moves so fast that he seemingly teleports in a room full of agents working for the secret service, and reappears before Thomason.


Cade outruns a couple of secret service agents, catches a suspicious man, stops him before he can draw and fire his gun before finally tossing the man aside.


Cade torpedoes into the Boogeyman, forcing him down to the bottom of Lake Havasu. He quickly makes his way back to shore afterwards.


Cade dodges a bullet from a sniper rifle but this ends up leaving him open to the Boogeyman.


Cade moves like a bullet. It sounds like hyperbole but considering what he is capable of it's probably not. This is after drinking Megan Roark's blood.


Cade perceives the Boogeyman's movements as "a glacier creeping down a mountain" after drinking Megan Roark's blood.


Cade moves so fast he creates a bunch of after-images stretching out against streets and buildings, and it is compared to "watching someone caught in a strobe light."


Cade crosses the distance between the stairwell and Jericho in the time it takes the latter to blink. He then folds Jericho in half like a piece of paper before he can do anything about it. After which he then quickly jumps through the ceiling, and catches the Boogeyman before he can make a getaway.



Cade leaps out of the way of an explosion, and jumps out of a nearby window before he can be burnt to a crisp by it.



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III. Durability/Endurance

#1 Blood Oath

A case file on Nightmare Pet's durability. AKA, Nathaniel Cade. Note, this was researched in the 1970s so it's not up to date and he should be tougher now. As vampires get more powerful with age. It notes that both his skin, and bones are much tougher than normal. It compares his skin to kevlar, and notes that his bones have more than twice the tensile strength of an average human.


Another Nightmare Pet briefing book. Cade's body does not produce fatigue poisons, and he can only get "tired" after several days of consistent effort. He can immediately rejuvenate himself by drinking blood.


A Nightmare Pet briefing book. It is noted that while Cade can be active during the day it's worse in direct sunlight but he can muscle through it as he gets progressively weaker. It does not set him on fire, and instead has a negative impact on his abilities. After a week of being active during the day he has to sleep for twelve hours, and in complete darkness. Otherwise, sleep is not necessary.


A Nightmare Pet case file. Cade is noted to have developed a tolerance for religious paraphernalia long ago. Despite it causing vampires agonizing pain. It's so bad that the pain alone can ward them away. Which is relevant as Cade wears a cross, and never takes it off.





Cade is able to enter houses of worship (read: churches), and wear his cross. This is despite the fact that churches cause even more pain than crosses, and rosaries do.


Cade was able to survive nine hours pinned to a pillar with a flaming sword, and through sheer determination manages to force it out of his abdomen after those nine hours. It takes him thirty minutes to recover, and get back up afterwards. In the next entry in the series, the President's Vampire, it is made clear that the sword burned with a blue-white flame. Which is impressive as blue-white fire is the hottest fire you can typically see. Dicyanoacetylene for example has a blue-white flame, and it has a temperature that ranges from around 5260 K (4990 °C, 9010 °F) to 6,000 K (5,730 °C; 10,340 °F). Note, fire is one of his explicit weaknesses.



Cade is able to operate during the day in broad daylight, despite losing an arm in an explosion, and punches through an ATM machine with his remaining arm. This is more endurance than durability.



This is probably his greatest instance of durability and endurance against religious paraphernalia. He comes into contact with the purifying luminescence of John the Baptist's hand, and it only makes him wince in pain. It was blessed by an angel, and Jesus Christ. Which is impressive as the hand was able to instantly destroy unmenschsoldats.



#2 The President's Vampire

Cade falls down the length of three football fields, and lands on his feet without making a sound. Just for reference that would be around 360 yards or 1080 feet. Note, this is after he was pinned to a pillar for nine hours with a flaming sword.


Cade is stabbed by a knife to no effect, and the knife skids from his skin. It is noted that his skin is stronger than kevlar weave. Note, this is after he was pinned to a pillar for nine hours with a flaming sword.


Cade is shot at with an AK-47, half the clip is unloaded, and this opens up his wound from when he was pinned to a pillar with a flaming sword. He keeps on fighting despite this.


Cade falls at seventy-five miles per hour, and lands with grace.


Cade notes that a high-caliber magnum would at most raise a bruise on his skin. The Shadow Company has to use depleted uranium buckshot in order to hurt things like Cade.


Cade keeps on fighting after he lost a chunk of his leg, and is able to dodge the depleted uranium buckshot despite this.


Cade protects Barrows as one of the shadow men attempts to stab him in the head. As Cade jumps into the fray the knife hits him instead, and skids along his ribs.


#3 The Burning Men

Cade comes into contact with the fire Novak is about unleash in a crowed airport. Instead of reducing his hand to ash it blackens it, and leaves some blisters. Which is impressive as this fire is hot enough to instantly cremate people. When normally it takes a fire two hours to cremate a human being if it's 1,800 degrees. Note, fire is another one of his explicit weaknesses. So, the fact that fire this hot couldn't reduce his hand to ash suggests that while he is susceptible to fire? He is not as susceptible to it as human beings are.


#4 Red, White, and Blood

Cade fights the Boogeyman, and as he is busy dealing with the patron saint of serial killers the secret service unload a bunch of heavy jacket rounds on them. They don't faze Cade or the Boogeyman. Cade notes that he is bullet-proof, and that his skin is like kevlar.


Cade is punched and kicked by the Boogeyman to no effect as he holds a vice grip on the spectral parasite's neck, and considering that the Boogeyman can match him in strength at his strongest before drinking Megan Roark's blood this is a great instance of durability.


The next instances are more in regards to endurance than durability. As he faces the Boogeyman during the day, and in many cases as he is in direct sunlight which weakens him.

Cade and the Boogeyman meet each other with the grace of a car crash. Cade is able to put up a fight but he is ultimately outmatched in strength during the day, and in direct sunlight.



Cade gets back up, resists the urge to drink some blood, runs through a cabin beaming with sunlight, and forces the Boogeyman into the metal framework of the plane.





Cade matches the Boogeyman, manages to hold his own, and restrains him as he dive bombs the patron saint of serial killers 37000 feet into the ground from a plane. Only letting go at the last moment and spinning away, as the velocity was enough that when the Boogeyman lands he leaves a large crater. Note, this is in direct sunlight as he forces the Boogeyman out of the plane.




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IV. Healing Factor/Immunities

#1 Blood Oath

A case file on Nightmare Pet. AKA, Nathaniel Cade. He is functionally immortal, and his cells do not undergo cellular death. He can heal from anything short of massive bodily trauma in the matter of minutes. Any cells that are destroyed are replaced by indistinguishable copies.


Another case file on Nightmare Pet. It is noted that he does not suffer any sort of weakness against garlic or silver. In order to overwhelm his healing factor you have to cause massive damage to his heart or completely sever his head from his body. This is also where it is noted that he is weak against fire, and that it effects him just as it would a human. This is because it shuts down the proteins that make him so durable. The amount of blood he has fed on influences his regenerative abilities.


Cade heals from some bullet wounds. This is right after he is turned into a vampire.



Cade quickly heals from a deep cut on his cheek. This is right after he is turned into a vampire.


This is another Nightmare Pet case file. Cade is immune to everything from the common cold (Rhinovirus) to aids (HIV). It is noted that powered anthrax, nerve agents, and gases are useless against him too.


Cade's arm is reduced to ground beef in an explosion and the rest of his body is charred by the heat of the explosion, and after drinking some blood his body is as good as new in twenty minutes. Note, this is during the day when he is operating at 1/4 his ability.





Cade's cheek grows back after half of it was peeled off of his skull by the roach-soldat.



#2 The President's Vampire

Cade has fought and destroyed the Thing from Who Goes There (which is later adapted as John Carpenter's The Thing), and seems to be responsible for executing the "survivors" of the expedition in order to prevent it from spreading. Which suggests viral contagions such as that are useless against him.


Now for some context. The snake head virus is based on the DNA of the Marsh Family from Innsmouth. Which means it is based on deep one physiology. The virus spreads through their bodily fluids, and is described as "demonic possession" on a cellular scale. It drastically changes someone's body, and brain. It is constantly evolving, and adapting becoming more dangerous.





This is relevant as Nathaniel Cade is immune to the virus, and even going so far as biting snake heads and getting their blood in his mouth is not enough to transform him into one of them.


Cade murders some guards, cuts off their faces, cuts off his face, and then replaces his face with one of their own. His healing factor takes care of the rest. We see that his body's vessels and nerves have a habit of colonizing any foreign organic matter, and making it their own.



Cade heals from some deep cuts on his hands that reach to the bone.


Cade is able to immediately heal from a deep cut on his arm after one of the shadow men attempts to stab him in the back, and he uses his arm to defend himself. Just a note the only reason he was hurt in the first place is because the shadow men can ignore durability due to being in the Other Side. Simply put they can attack between dimensions.


#3 The Burning Men

Cade notes that his hand will heal before nightfall after it is charred black by Novak's attempt at bursting into flame.


#4 Red, White, and Blood

Cade notes that it would take him five minutes to regain use of his legs after his spine is severed.


Cade notes that the Ebola virus is useless against him. However, we also discover that Cade is susceptible to the activating proteins for fibrin. This is due to the fact that his body's blood clotting response is inhumanly fast and effective. It turns his blood into cake batter, then wet cement, and then sand. He suffers from several strokes that cause parts of his brain to burst, and explode. As he bites his lips rust spills from his wounds instead of blood.



Cade after drinking Megan Roark's blood, and draining her dry is able to undo the damage done by the activating proteins for fibrin. His body instantly heals the "millions of tiny fractures" across his bones and tissues, his muscles harden into steel cords, his skin tightens and stacks into armor plate, neurons regenerate and multiply, and the parts of his brain that were blown out grow back just as quickly. As his senses go into overdrive.


After dive bombing the Boogeyman 37000 feet from a plane into the ground we see Cade taken into an ambulance. He is given blood, and quickly heals the damage from their fight going so far as to regrow his eyes on the spot. Note, this is during the day when he is operating at 1/4 his ability.


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V. Senses/Awareness

#1 Blood Oath

Another Nightmare Pet briefing book. It notes that he can hear a person's heartbeat from a hundred yards. He has night-vision, and infrared vision. His sense of smell is compared to that of a canines, and he can detect particle emissions as low as a few parts per billion.


Cade is able to see Wayne despite it being pitch black outside. Wayne is a hundred yards away, and sixteen stories up in an apartment building.


Cade is able to smell the tobacco leaf on Quinn, he is able to smell the pox on Avery who doesn't know that he has it, and even the virus eating away at Avery's brain couldn't escape his sense of smell, and then finally he could smell William's blood. This is right after he is turned into a vampire.


Cade can hear the other prisoners in the prison he is in despite them being separated by stone walls. This is right after being turned into a vampire.


Cade can smell and recognize talcum powder, and pomade from a distance. This is right after being turned into a vampire.


Cade is able to smell the dried blood on the bullet that killed Abraham Lincoln. This is right after being turned into a vampire.


Cade is able to recognize Andrew Johnson's men by their odor. This is right after being turned into a vampire.


Cade already sensed that Griff's cancer has come back, and waited for Griff to find out on his own out of professional courtesy.


Cade is noted to have night-vision.


Cade is able to tell when someone is nervous, afraid, or lying by the sound of their heartbeat.


Cade is able to smell that Tania has recently taken a life.


Tania, a considerably younger vampire, can determine the age of a piece of writing by the scent of the ink it's written in.


Cade is able to clearly see Konrad even when he is three-hundred yards away, and see several Arab men talking with him. He is able to tell they have weapons hidden beneath their jackets even from three-hundred yards away.


Cade is able to smell human blood on a guard dog's muzzle, and recognize that the blood belongs to Zach Barrows.


#2 The President's Vampire

Cade is able to smell the disease on Osama Bin Laden.


Cade is able to smell the hormones in Zach's blood stream after the latter meets Bell.


Cade is able to sense that Prador is using anti-depressants, anti-anxiety drugs, and tranquilizers. He was able to smell it in his sweat.


Cade is able to detect cyanide in a bottle of whiskey, and that someone else was in John Wilkes Booth's room before he was.


Cade is able to smell everything that has happened in the Black Site, and notes the specific types of torture that were used there. He is able to smell adrenaline, fear, the ketosis of starving bodies as they eat themselves, the acrid burn of tear gas and pepper spray, the roast-pork scent of high voltage electricity applied to human flesh, fecal matter, urine, puke, and blood. Despite the disinfectant, the base being sterilized, and everything being cleaned thoroughly? It's not enough to hide from Cade's nose.


Cade is able to notice the change in pressure in the Black Site, hears the thrum of the air forced through the ductwork and hears steel shutters all across the Black Site closing. He can even hear the oiled slide of a thousand doors being opened, and recognizes that this means that the snake heads are being set loose in the facility.


Cade is able to smell freshly spilled blood, and where it came from.


Cade notes that his eyes are sensitive to the slightest amounts of light and heat, and only unnatural darkness from the Other Side can prevent him from seeing anything.


Cade is able to detect a heartbeat, and recognize that it is Barrows. It seems that he can remember specific types of heartbeats.


Cade is able to see that Barrows body temperature has dropped, and hear his involuntary muscle movements start failing.


Cade notes that he has fought an invisible man before, and that it wasn't a problem for him as he could easily detect the sound of his breathing. Also, he could detect his footprints and the scent of his blood.


#3 The Burning Men

It is noted that Cade is able to see in the dark.


Cade is able to determine that a suicide bombing was done by no conventional means by the scent in the air, and that it was something supernatural.


Cade is able to detect the scent of sulfur, and brimstone when Barrows can't.



Cade is able to track down the source of the sulfur, and brimstone. After a long car ride, Cade and Barrows make their way across a dozen city blocks before reaching their destination.


Cade is able to listen in on Novak's conversation with Thompson on the former's phone, and hear what they're saying. This is during the day when he is at 1/4 his usual ability. They're at an airport so there's a lot of background noise too.


#4 Red, White, and Blood

Barrows notes that Cade could hear his heartbeat if he listened.


Barrows notes that Cade can smell fear.


Cade is able to smell when someone has been possessed by the Boogeyman.


Cade is able to track down the Boogeyman by scent when the latter hides in a YMCA.


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VI. Miscellaneous

#1 Blood Oath

Cade is able to both understand, and speak Serbian.


Cade's heart no longer beats after becoming a vampire.


Cade's body no longer sweats or has an odor after becoming a vampire.


A Nightmare Pet briefing book. We see that he doesn't need to breath, and this was tested by submerging him underwater for an hour.


Cade doesn't need to breath anymore after becoming a vampire.


A Nightmare Pet briefing book. It notes that Cade's motor functions and intelligence have been greatly enhanced, and only grow greater with time. His brain can "parallel process," and work on a problem at several different angles at once.


Cade's memory, as with any vampire, is flawless. He remembers every experience--every sight, sound, feeling or smell--exactly as it happened.


Cade has experience fighting "demons, vampires, werewolves, invisible men, aliens, creatures that had no names, and even one thing that called itself a god."


Cade was responsible for stopping the Night of the Living Dead. It is revealed that it was the result of someone trying to copy Konrad's work. They created a compound that caused the dead to reanimate, and eat the living. After Cade was finished cleaning up the mess? There were no survivors.


Barrows tries to force Cade to drink human blood by using the blood oath against him. Here we see that it is a form of psychic compulsion, and compels him to do something. Despite that we see Nathaniel Cade resist the compulsion, and redirect the target of it to a car door. Which means that he is aware of when it is influencing him, and can fight back against it.



A Nightmare Pet briefing book. It notes that Cade would qualify as a "vampire king" due to his age, and that if he consumed human blood instead of animal blood he would be far more powerful. As well as have access to several abilities he doesn't have as a result of drinking animal blood. Cade has not consumed human blood for "fifty-one thousand nine hundred and sixty eight days" which translates to about a hundred and forty years. Which is quite the achievement considering what this does to vampires.


Cade notes what happens to a vampire if they live on animal blood instead of human blood. It is not pretty, and is considered a fate worse than death. He saw a vampire that went through this. The vampire's joints were frozen from disuse. There were tumors swelling in the vampire's abdomen. It was a "I have no mouth, and I must scream" sort of scenario. At the end of it the vampire was begging for death because of the excruciating pain, and couldn't end his own life because he was immobile.


Another Nightmare Pet briefing book. It is noted that vampires can't mesmerize people but they do instill fear into everything around them, and it is ingrained on a biological scale. It causes the target to freeze, and compares it to a mouse encountering a snake. As with anything repeated exposure can allow someone to develop a tolerance for it.


Zach's first meeting with Cade ends with him having a panic attack, and soiling his trousers. It is noted that this happens a lot when people first meet Cade. It is said that the reason human beings fear the dark is because of vampires.


Cade is left to his devices in an interrogation room with Reese, and this causes Reese to have a mental breakdown. Just Cade's presence alone is enough that Reese is left catatonic, and in a fetal position in a corner of said interrogation room.


An attack dog is just as susceptible to this ingrained fear, and does the smart thing by running away from Cade.


Cade notes that he was twenty years old when he became a vampire in 1867. Just for anyone who wants to know his exact age.


Cade makes note of the fact that he made an example of the other vampires who tried to threaten him.


Tania showcases both elaborate shape-shifting, and flight. This shows that Cade might not be entirely honest in regards to what he is capable of. As he led his handlers to believe that vampires can't shape-shift, and fly. This is despite personally knowing Tania, and having as Barrows would say "ear shattering sex" with her on occasion.


Konrad notes that the reason Tania is with Cade is out of fear of him, and what he would do to her if she wasn't in his good graces. Tania admits that may be the case.


Another Nightmare Pet briefing book. It notes that Cade's stomach, and intestines have shrunk. As they are no longer being used, and have been pushed aside by his lungs which have enlarged to contain stacks of blood vessels that draw in blood from his esophagus. Which is contained there until it is needed. His kidneys, and liver have enlarged in order to filter any foreign particles in his body down to fifteen microns.


A Sanction V case file. It reveals that there are only hundreds of vampires worldwide, and of those hundreds of vampires there are only two or three vampire kings. They are the strongest of their species. Which is relevant as Nathaniel Cade happens to be one of them.


#2 The President's Vampire

Cade is able to both understand, and speak Arabic.


Cade's perfect memory is brought up again. He can playback memories and experience them again.



Cade speaks to Graves on the phone, and his fear inducing presence has an effect on him despite the distance between them. Graves has been shaking uncontrollably ever since then. This displays how long lasting the effect is, and that it is not limited by how far away the target is. Just hearing Cade's voice is enough to become subject to it.



It is revealed that at one point Hunter S. Thompson met Nathaniel Cade. He was incredibly high at the time but that didn't stop him from being absolutely scared of the vampire king.


Cade has fought the Gill-Man. Yes, the one from Creature from the Black Lagoon and Revenge of the Creature.


Cade is responsible for stopping the Invasion of the Body Snatchers, and it appears to have actually happened in this universe.


Cade is responsible for the destruction of the deep ones in Innsmouth, and the Marsh Family from The Shadow over Innsmouth.



Cade had a hand in the destruction of Wilbur Whateley's brother from The Dunwich Horror.


Cade was part of the expedition to the antarctic as seen in At the Mountains of Madness, and was able to save two survivors.


Cade was responsible for stopping the dark rituals as seen in The Horror at Red Hook.


Cade has fought ghosts before, and notes that he has outlasted them.


Now for some Sanction V case files written by a Dr. William Kavanaugh. In them it is revealed that Nathaniel Cade has not weakened as a result drinking animal blood. In fact, he has shown no signs of disease or degradation. It notes that he has destroyed vampires "stronger" than he is. After this the next files makes note of the fact Nathaniel Cade was created by a vampire king, and as a result of this he is almost an exact copy of this vampire king due to lateral genetics transmission. He was already a vampire king at the moment of his conception. Which is why he is so powerful. Besides that, his sheer force of character and temperament allow him to survive this way.





Now for some more context. The Shadow Company was experimenting with psychic warfare. They picked up the Stargate Project, and it's not to be confused with another certain Stargate Project. It involved three psychics trying to communicate with each other but there were no results. So, they decided to spice things up by adding some LSD into the mix and some occult symbols curtsy of Aleister Crowley's studies. Through a combination of chance, and sheer misfortune the psychics accidentally connected themselves to the Other Side. Which ate two of them from the inside out, leaving behind only their skin, and the third one was so traumatized by what he saw that he committed suicide on the spot. The Shadow Company considered it a success, and replicated the process in order to create more of these skins. Anyone who wore the skins became connected to the Other Side, and subsequently turned into shadow people. They are literally shadows, and have the ability to go anywhere by traversing through the Other Side. At which point they would exit it, and enter reality. They are protected from the influence of the Other Side thanks to the skins, and unlike other people are not driven insane by traversing it. At least for the most part, and it is noted that it is only delaying the inevitable. As seen with Reynolds and Hewitt, who have been slowly degenerating. The shadow people are known to have the characteristics of ghosts.






The Other Side has a negative effect on a person's psyche, and in the case of Zach Barrows who only barely touched it by coming into contact with the shadow men he experienced vivid hallucinations. They were so intense that they nearly drove him into insanity, and after his "mother" told him to die? His body's biological functions were shutting down, and listening to the suggestion. Which makes the fact Nathaniel Cade is unfazed by the Other Side all the more impressive. As it means illusions potent enough to cause someone's body to cease to function, and die are useless against him.






Cade fights the shadow men, and as he does we discover that vampires have a natural connection to the Other Side. Which replaces their souls that disappear when they become vampires, and it is the source of their abilities. He is able to grab them, despite the fact that they are shadows, and trap them between reality and the Other Side. As they try to escape from his grasp he wounds them, and the eldritch abominations within the Other Side devour them. There is encroaching darkness that devours one shadow man, and a resounding "burp" as it finishes its meal. As for the other shadow man he manages to come back but the trip in the Other Side has drastically aged him to the point "he could have been a thousand years old," and his skin is described as being like parchment. As for his muscles they have dried out, and his bones are jutting out of them. He dies immediately afterwards. Nathaniel Cade is resistant to these things. As he is not fazed in the slightest by crossing over into the Other Side. It shows how dangerous the Other Side is for anyone who isn't him.




We know that those with a connection to the Other Side can use it to transport themselves anywhere. Reynolds and Hewitt, the aforementioned shadow men, are shown to be able to do this despite only having an artificial connection to the Other Side. Whereas Nathaniel Cade has a genuine one.



#3 The Burning Men

Dr. Carolina Ramos goes over some findings, and as she is doing that she notes that Nathaniel Cade has not been examined since Dr. William Kavanaugh studied him in the seventies. Which is something to keep in mind since all Nightmare Pet briefing books are that dated. It has been forty years since he has been examined. As I already noted earlier vampires grow more powerful with age.



When Nathaniel Cade is at Logan Airport groups of people instinctively get out of his way, and give him a wide berth without realizing it. Most likely a result of the fear vampires instill in those around them.


#4 Red, White, and Blood

It is noted that Cade's habit of using slang over the past century is a result of his perfect memory. Which causes it to slip out on occasion.


Cade's photographic memory allows him to instantly match things he sees, hears, feels or smells with past experiences.


The Boogeyman has been "shot, stabbed, drowned, burned, decapitated, dismembered, and buried" before. It has survived all of these instances, and healed from the damage. The only exception being when Nathaniel Cade destroys it. Showing that the vampire king has the ability to negate regeneration.


Nathaniel Cade meets with Zach Barrows father by the name of Frank Barrows. Who found out about his son Zach Barrows relationship with Candace Curtis. He was threatening to leak it to the press but that stopped the moment the vampire king arrived, and after revealing his fangs Frank Barrows went faint. He collapsed into unconsciousness, and that was the end of that story. Most likely a result of Nathaniel Cade's ability to induce fear.


After being injected with the activating protein for fibrin Nathaniel Cade closely approaches death. The blood in his veins becomes cement, and as his insides solidify there are two things that drive him into near madness; his thirst for blood, and the blood oath compelling him to survive at all costs so he can save the president's life. That's when Cody, a child that happens to come across his path, finds him. At first it seems as if Nathaniel Cade's hunger, and the blood oath have taken control over him. However, as he is about to bite the boy the stinging pain from his cross snaps him back to his senses. He resists both his blood lust, and the blood oath.



Cade notes that he has no problem dealing with ghosts, and has fought them before. They are a nuisance at best.


Abraham Lincoln's ghost tries to enter Nathaniel Cade's body only to recoil in horror at what he finds inside of the vampire king. It is confirmed that whatever was left of Nathaniel Cade's soul has long since disappeared.


Cade visits the private military hospital where the Boogeyman is being kept in a perpetual state of near death. He has been here many times before, and has met with Tom Fowler over various escapades in his career. Despite this Tom Fowler has not grown accustomed to the fear he feels whenever the vampire king is around. He has to actively suppress his shudders.


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Such a great effort

and wow Cade is a badass vampire

really well done

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Such a great effort

and wow Cade is a badass vampire

really well done

Thank you.

The series is a great read, and the best comparison I can think of is Hellsing but in America.