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Euri Revelation is the kind of story that makes me think back to when I listened to my first Yes records. The brain understands what it is hearing (or in this case, seeing), but the taste is foreign. The sights and sounds are alien. You walk into your living room, but can’t help but think that someone’s moved the furniture without telling you.

I have read a lot of comics. I’ve helped to market a lot of comics. And now I’m even publishing them. So I’ve seen a variety of visuals. This one is different. Like that first Yes record. What Hernando Diaz and Sissy Pantelis have done is present us with a heroine that’s confused about her abilities. A vision that lets her glimpse into the guts of a dead bird is troubling, because it’s the dream that you don’t want to remember. Because it is this type of dream that follows you, and keeps your mind hostage.

Federico doesn’t have a clue about why Euri is so freaked out after her dream. And Lily’s mother doesn’t understand why the sea is so compelling as compared to water ballet at a swimming pool. Wait, what did I just miss?

I am outside of the fish bowl looking into the lives of two girls, and I’m thinking there’s a connection. These two must come together, and both hitch a ride on the rainbow bird. Right? But we’re kept in the dark mid-way through the story about these ladies as the Evil Ones become the focus of fear.

On the heels of a crow angel are nameless, faceless beasts that have now turned my Yes soundtrack into a moody ambient noise tape. Apparently, I am not meant to follow a linear plot, but rather a surreal sidebar. I am introduced to Ricardo. Yet another player. And Esras. And Caos. I have mind salad instead of a main course, as Diaz and Pantelis seem intent on introducing me to all the house guests without telling me what’ s for dinner.

Hallucinations are what you get instead of explanations. Vampires who don’t need to be invited into your house in order to kill you. All of this making your head spin. But who doesn’t like to get drunk from time to time?

Little did you know that there is broken glass in your eye all this time! That’s why your confused. I remove the glass, only to find that a Cthulhu creature is the real threat, and it is out to kill the water queen, and this is why it’s best to just stick to hallucinations about dead birds, with mysteries in their guts.

Stranger and stranger. I’ve moved on from wine to mushrooms. The Yes record now sounds prophetic because someone has slowed down the turntable, and Jon Anderson’s angelic voice is three octaves lower, and now sounds demonic.

Ultimately, this is a book about a woman named Euri adapting to strange powers, and we are meant to experience her confusion like Neo in The Matrix, rather than assume the role of a psychiatrist armed with pen and paper, trying to make sense of Rorschach drawings. With a good glass of burgundy, I appreciate it as a sort of tasty mystic pizza. However, I wonder if it only comes with thin crust. And are there other items like this to order from the menu? Translated: let’s see if Euri Revelation follows in the steps of Elfquest–without the elves.

~Vince Brusio