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Hey guys. For all of the Bubbleheads who enjoyed my last look at Mysterio, this will also be a more informal, but overall rewarding experience. This time, we are looking at arguably the most dangerous verison of Mysterio in terms of pure power- the short lived, but still pretty decent run under a man named Francis Klum.

So, Who is dis guy?

Francis Klum was essentially a fake mutant- his parents had been experimented on during WW2, and had obtained mutant powers because of it. Regardless, he still has powers, and oh boy, are they impressive. Unlike other people who took up the mantle (like Berkhart, or the unnamed man behind the "Mysterion" moniker) he is the only guy that wasn't entirely reliant on the suit to do the work for him- in fact, it was rather the opposite.

Klum isn't as experienced with the fine art of illusions and trickery like Beck was, in fact, he was rather sloppy with his tricks (as he hadn't been actually trained to use the suit properly, like Berkhart had) and usually let his anger and impatience get the better of him, focusing more on killing Spider-Man than playing around and tormenting him like Beck or Berkhart would have done. Regardless, he was the closest to killing Peter, and would have done so on multiple occasions if other people hadn't stopped him.

As he still has the suit through, all feats and equipment from that are valid for him.

Ok, let's get to the good stuff- feats. More importantly, his hax, considering that most other things (like durability, strength, etc) are already determined by the suit itself, so no need to go over them here. Krum looks to be in peak physical condition otherwise through, based on how he looks in the suit.


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Here, a inexperienced Krum is able to teleport across a state (he ended up in Dallas, which is a state away from where he lived) and not only that, but he teleported to a position that he had seen once on TV, which shows how capable he is, even as a first time rookie, doing something that Nightcrawler ( a far more experienced teleporter) would strain himself trying to repeat. (scan is from Spider-Man- Evil That Men Do #5 btw)

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Here, Krum is able to panic teleport (showing how quickly he can pull off such a ability in combat) and against The Other, who was someone as equally fast and agile as Spider-Man himself. Considering he had been stabbed in the shoulder and the chest and had been gravely injured, and was about to suffer from a death blow, this feat is pretty impressive for how easy he can pull off a ability mid fight. (scan is from Friendly Neighborhood Spider Man #12)

Telefrag- a explanation

Telefrag is when a individual teleports onto the exact spot in space which another being is currently occupying, killing them on the spot. It's something that most teleporters in comics dread and dodge as much as possible, as the process usually kills both people involved. Not Krum through.

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Krum kills his brother instantly by teleporting directly where he was standing. This feat is crazy, as it pretty much implies that he can do this at will and with ease, he just choses not to due to PIS/morals. Durability means that this wouldn't work on guys like Superman, but nearly all street level dudes? One shot. Pretty terrifying. Also note that Kurt (who at this point has had years of experience with his teleporting powers) figures it out, and notes that this is the first time he's seen something like this. (Scan is from Evil That Men Do #5 btw)

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Krum can not only telefrag his body into other people, but he can also teleport objects that he knows the location of INTO other people, as seen here when he teleports Black Cat's mask into Spidey's neck, which knocks him down and nearly kills him, as he is left helpless and in severe pain. Needless to say, this is a pretty broken ability, and has near unlimited uses as long as Krum knows where the object exists. Good luck fighting a guy that can shove a knife into your heart or brain. There's another scan which has him pull a gun through this ability, but the scan rules mean I can't show it. (Scan is from Evil That Men Do #6)

Telekinetic Control

Krum can also control people by manipulating their nerve endings to make them move around and perform actions. This IS NOT telepathy, as the user is aware they are being controlled the entire time, and Spidey even states it as not being telepathic.

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Krum easily takes over Peter and Matt, and makes them beat the hell out of each other. They have no chance of fighting it, and thus have to take the beating while Krum's saltyness resonates by him moaning about muh feelings and stuff. If Krum hadn't teleported away, someone would have died, or likely both of them. Krum only stops because again, he's a bit emotional sometimes. (scan is from Evil That Men Do #4)

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Krum teleports a knife, throws it at Spider-Man, and makes him nearly kill himself with it. It's worth noting here that Peter is pretty much one of the toughest heroes around- his willpower is only equalled by a few, like Captain America, or Batman, or Hal Jordan. Despite this, he is essentially powerless against Krum, and was literally about to be stomped by him until The Other intervened and attacked him. Also, this is Krum HOLDING BACK, as he states that he could easily just telefrag Pete and be done with it, but he choses to make him suffer. Classic bad guy trope, and it's one that always backfires. Regardless, it's a fantastic feat.


As I've shown, despite the fact that Krum isn't as fantastical or fancy like his counterparts, he is nonetheless the most physically dangerous out of the main three, and was the closest to killing Spider-Man. While he didn't have a lot of appearances (he was mostly overshadowed by Berkhart, then the jobber supreme Mysterion, and then by Beck himself) he is considered by myself to be the most lethal and the most underrated out of all Mysterio's to date, in my opinion.

I hope that I've been able to inform you about one of the more unknown Marvel characters, and maybe, just maybe, convinced you that Mysterio is in fact a high tier fighter in Marvel.

That being said, I genuinely thank you for reading this, as this is my first "real" RT. I hope to make more in the future.

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Awesome, great read

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Cool stuff.

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This was an interesting read, and yeah, he is sort of overshadowed by the others despite what he's capable of. Beck for me though is just too classic, it's hard to beat nearly drowning Spider-Man in a pool with no water.

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This was an interesting read, and yeah, he is sort of overshadowed by the others despite what he's capable of. Beck for me though is just too classic, it's hard to beat nearly drowning Spider-Man in a pool with no water.

Yeah, I'm currently reading Berkhart's Mysterio run, and he doesn't have nearly half as much dramatics or well, cheesiness that Beck had. In terms of complexity, none of his successors come close.

Krum is still easily the most dangerous outta all of them through. His powers, if used properly and effectively, make him a pretty dangerous foe. One thing I forgot to say in this RT was that his teleporting isn't as good as Nightcrawler's, as he takes fall damage even if he teleports. In his debut run, he jumps off a bridge, teleports, and then breaks his leg due to the force of the fall retaining when he hit the ground, lol