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#101 Posted by buttersdaman000 (22734 posts) - - Show Bio


I don't care how critical your review of BvS would be, at least you would have watched it. I could respect your opinion at that point. No matter what you say to rationalize and defend your position here, the song remains the same - You haven't seen BvS. To critique it in ways that imply you have, or putting it in rank with a bunch of other films that you have seen, is disingenuous. You should just put a disclaimer at the top of your review saying "I HAVE NOT SEEN BVS BUT I KNOW A LOT ABOUT IT FROM REVIEWS, YOUTUBE CLIPS, WIKIPEDIA, AND OTHER PEOPLES OPINIONS". As ridiculous as it is, that's literally what you're doing. At least at that point though, people would understand that the review isn't coming from a fully informed and objective perspective.

But, hey, it's your blog. I just don't understand how you could expect people to take your opinion seriously in matters like this when you aren't even trying to be sincere in the review.

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#102 Posted by CelestialKnight (1474 posts) - - Show Bio

Blade movies, Elektra, Daredevil, Catwoman, X-Men Origins: Wolverine

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#103 Posted by newecho (7221 posts) - - Show Bio

Must have not seen Jonah hex??

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#104 Posted by Gracetrack (4638 posts) - - Show Bio
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#105 Posted by iknowwhoyouare (1631 posts) - - Show Bio

No Iron Man 3 or Thor movies?

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#106 Posted by TheVoidofDeath (2143 posts) - - Show Bio

You missed these

1. X-men Apoc (Storm was like a damn prop)

2. Thor 2( Worst bloody thing)

3 X-men last stand (They messed up Jean)

4. Suicide Squad ( Leto didn't do it for me , Echantress looked nothing like her , and Harleys accent was awful)

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#107 Posted by MysticMedivh (32250 posts) - - Show Bio

B-but ... Daredevil was kool.


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#108 Posted by STA8541 (111 posts) - - Show Bio

Ghost Rider 2 was also bad.

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#109 Posted by Lvenger (36338 posts) - - Show Bio

@sta8541: Worse than the first one I think.

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#110 Edited by Errorinscript (1216 posts) - - Show Bio

@buttersdaman000: Man of steel was not that bad I liked the Hans zimmer theme actualy.

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#111 Posted by HighAccuser (9696 posts) - - Show Bio

I think MOS is an ok movie but it has horrid dialogue.

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#112 Posted by STA8541 (111 posts) - - Show Bio

@lvenger: I thought so, & the first one wasn't any great shakes to begin with.