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Here they are, from oldest to youngest.

Finn Wittrock (34)

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Richard Madden (32)

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Ryan Guzman (31)

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Armie Hammer (31)

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Evan Peters (31)

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Nicholas Hoult (29)

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Aaron Taylor-Johnson (28)

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Jack O'Connell (28)

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Ansel Elgort (24)

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What do you think of these choices? Comment!

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If they want a live-action Batman that will last for a while, should go for someone in the mid-20s range.

Ansel Elgort seems appropriate.

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Richard Madden. I’m watching The Bodyguard on Netflix and this dude is brilliant.

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Wait is Ben Affleck not being Batman in this?

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@jayc1324: He reportedly won't be in The Batman cause he's too old.

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Aaron taylor-johnson seems like a viable choice for me or Armie Hammer , Armie gives the “im a playboy but can kick your ass” vibe lol

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Armie Hammer has the best lock tho I don’t know he’s acting ability as for the rest some are ok but you can’t have a 50 pound guy who locks like he belongs in High school playing Batman that’s just ridiculous

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Agree with everyone but evans

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I don’t know how you’ve done it, but I strongly disagree with every single choice

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I don’t know how you’ve done it, but I strongly disagree with every single choice

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Armie Hammer would be great as Batman.

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I can't see anyone other than Affleck in the role.

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I think Armie Hammer could be a good Batman. He already has a certain suave that is good for Bruce Wayne.

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Just find out if anyones been putting on some muscles lately. Its going to start filming soon'ish so whoever it is, that person is hitting the gym pretty hard right about now.