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*Spoilers ahead*

I don't really feel like writing an analytical review, because even after the second viewing I'm not quite sure where I sand on the film. All I know is that it was very entertaining though ultimately flawed in many aspects, but I don't quite believe that it deserves the hate it gets, while Marvel movies like Ant-man get much more recognition and praise.

First off though, since I'm on the topic of comparison, I'd really like to point out that DC/WB needs to manage their powerlevels. I had a hard time believing that Batman stood any semblance of a chance against superman in BvS, simply because Supes tore through a city with his bare hands with minimal effort. Same deal here, the main bad guy, or at the very least one of them display such ridiculous power that it's literally impossible for me to believe that ANY of the protagonists stood any chance against them. I know, "suspending your disbelief" and all that but there is a noticeable limit as to how much my brain can take. Enchantresses' brother, who serves as his sisters muscle, literally tears through choppers and a train at the beginning of the movie, and demonstrates that he's basically immune to any human level threat. Sure in the end it's El Diablo who kind of holds him off, but him tagging helicopters in mid air and failing to tag Harley Quinn is absolutely ridiculous. Same goes for enchantress, she seems vastly much more powerful at the beginning, though at least with her it does make more sense. That said I didn't really like her that much as a character. I liked her design and mannerisms, but in the end she was another monster twirling villain.

Personally I think the main antagonist should have been a joker. I feel it would have made a much more compelling story, especially when you have Harley Quinn on the team with a microchip in her brain. It would have also painted Joker a force to be reckoned with, but that's just a personal opinion. Speaking of which, I'm not sure about Leto's performance. I do like the design and I still think he's a good fit, though it feels as if WB is testing waters with him. Apparently, the amount of scenes that were cut could have made for a movie on it's own. I guess I can understand this decision, following Ledgers act is tough, not too mention that design wise they're going for something completely different. As for what I thought of it, like I said, i'm not sure. There were some scenes in which I thought he was great in, and then there were others that kinds seemed awkward too me, very loony and cringeworthy.

Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn was fantastic. Though I though the movie was pushing her crazyness way too hard. It's like they had to constantly remind us instead of letting the audience figure it out.

"Oh Harley is sooooo craaazy! You guys! Please like this movie! We can be funny too! See how crazy these guys are! Especially Harley! Oh god please like us!"

The dialogue has this habit of going from very witty to incredibly cringeworthy, the former usually coming from Will Smiths deadshot, which I thought was very well cast, so not much to really add here.

Though not quite in the spotlight, I loved Killer Croc and captain Boomerang. Both of them were simple but very entertaining characters, though I really wish that some of the scenes were cut down so that more of the lessor known characters could get more screen time. Suicide Squad had lots of characters, some of whom couldn't be explored, so it would have been much better if they had cut down on the numbers, since that way they could have had more time to flesh out the others.

The most accurately portrayed character however, in my personal opinion at least was Amanda Waller. Viola Davis carries herself and dances around all the other hardened criminals of the bunch without batting an eye. This is a group of psychos, monsters and killers, yet this little o'l lady puts them in their place without much of an effort. She is the very definition of "The Wall".

Aside from that? it's basically what you expect. A lot of CGI, action and some cameos to set up upcoming movies. Is it a bad movie? No, but it feels like it went through a lot of changes and what we end up with is a collection of quite a bit of good scenes with a lot of mediocre ones. I do think critics are way harsher than they should be, considering it's pretty fun and serviceable, thoughts sadly DC has had a notorious reputation so far, and having Zack Snyder as attached to the project bring out some unnecessary heat as well.

NOTE: My primary reasoning behind writing this blog is to get some people talking and engage in some discussion, so you know, have at it.

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movie didnt live up to my expectations but i did like harley and joker.

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All in all, I thought it was a good movie. Loved the design of the modern day Suicide Squad Joker, and like you said, wished he was the main antagonist of this movie too. It would've been more action packed and fit the part of Joker in the movie really well.

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Skull, your thoughts pretty much align with mine. I feel the movie would have been better with Joker more involved in the actual plot, and not relegated to the sub/backstory character they made him out to be.

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I'm going to be perfectly honest here I walked in expecting to find the critics had given it too much hate and found myself feeling they hadn't

The hole plot felt pointless and for the sake of it

And like only 4 of the Squad members gets any development

Great performance from Davis and Robbie

I think if it wasn't a DC movie people would be a lot harsher on it (isn't that ironic)

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Saw it for the second time last night. Still really have no complaints worth tossing around. Still want to see more from Leto's Joker.

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Personally I think the main antagonist should have been a joker.

I can agree with this, as the trailers set it up as that. These movies try to bait and switch and only sometimes does it work. Like with Dawn of The Planet of the Apes, I thought they were gonna set up the humans as the bad guys, but was pleasantly surprised when it was those damn dirty apes. But more often than not it feels like the opposite, like with the trailers with BvS, I got bait and switched thinking it was gonna be a great movie..... I really gotta let that go

ALso, I really liked Leto's Joker. SOmeone on Collider called him the Scarface version of a King Clown of Crime. I'm fine with the echantress as the villain, but if they were gonna go with that they should have A) Not make it seem like the Joker was the villain and B)Cut out all the Joker rescue stuff. The Flashbacks can stay and so can the final scene where JOker Breaks her out.

I hope the sequel is The Squad V Joker/Harley. Joker's pissed that Harley liked hanging out with them so he now wants Harley to join him as they got after them to kill them in order for her to prove her loyalty. THen you get the eventual Break up scene between them. Maybe Joker hires or breaks out a bunch of people out of Arkham to go after the Squad.

Is it a bad movie? No, but it feels like it went through a lot of changes and what we end up with is a collection of quite a bit of good scenes with a lot of mediocre ones. I do think critics are way harsher than they should be

Sums up my thoughts on the movie as well.