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I believe Thanos will come back from (probably) being killed. Here is what I think will happen:

Thanos will be revived by Death to bring balance to the universe, as he/she believes that he is doing the right thing in the universe. Thanos will come back less sane then before, as he falls in love with Death and become obsessed with appeasing him/her. This will cause Thanos to be more harsh and insane, making him want to kill anyone in his way. He will find some way to bring back the infinity stones(or find some new weapon) and this time he will probably kill everyone, except for the super cosmic beings. Thanos is easily beaten by these beings, but before he is killed he is saved by death.


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I wouldn't count on it. I would guess that it is possible, but the chances are low. I do think we will see at least 1 big cosmic character in the MCU, as we have already seen Celestials. But I don't think we will see any of the four brothers and sisters: Eternity, Infinity, Death, Oblivion.

I would guess maybe Phoenix or Galactus or the other Elders of the Universe.