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Its their damn arrows! Almost all the time its some blunt end gimmick arrow. Its a tiny flying MacGuffin that is either a small harmless explosion or just the thing needed for the particular situation. You almost never see simple pointy arrows that stick into people.

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I blame the children! They do that to maintain a certain level of kid friendliness.

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Well, blunt points IS something that is used in archery - though mostly when hunting small game, like birds, rodents and the like... But having seen them in action, I wouldn't want to have one aimed at me, despite that fact.

That said, I totally get what you mean. There is no way you could ever fit a boxing glove on an arrow, no matter what tricks you try to pull. Not to mention, a *boxing* *glove* ... it's pretty lame. The point is to incapacitate the victim, not score a point in a game. Broadhead arrows are not to be underestimated, they can most definitely kill a person, if not by hitting the heart or the like, then by loss of blood (check out a modern broadhead arrow - it's basically two or three razorblades rotating into a body at a pretty respective speed, cutting out a deep hole that'll bleed a LOT. When you don't consider bones, arrows are as capable of killing as a bullet is, and sometimes even more, as a bullet wound closes when the bullet has passed, reducing blood loss). Still, I'd like to see just a bit more use of broadheads or the like. If not for the common street thug, then for the various metas that the heroes inevitable run into.

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@sunhawk said:

You almost never see simple pointy arrows that stick into people.

Yeah, I'd like to see some more of that.