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What would you say are the "must read" Marvel books of all time?

Some examples I can come up with are Daredevil: Born Again and Marvels. What do you guys got?

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Right off the top of my head, Infinity Gauntlet and the Dark Phoenix Saga should be up there.

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spider-man reign is excellent, old man logan was quite entertaining, first 2 volumes of the Ultimates were amazing, some of Millars best work IMO, iron man extremis is what brought iron man into the 21st century.

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Of All Time? If you can get your hands on some of the Marvel Masterworks books featuring early Spider-Man, Avengers, FF etc. then that would give you a great introduction to the background and the characters you now enjoy.

Then if you can get any of the Wein/ Cockrum and Claremont / Byrne X-men series culminating in the Dark Phoenix Saga (These were late 70's early 80's). Also Millar had a great Daredevil run in the mid - late 1980's.

Company Cross overs were big in the 1990's so I would recommend Marvel Vs DC and Avengers Vs JLA.

More recently what people above have said, plus TPB's like House of M, Secret Invasion and Civil War


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  • Born Again
  • Infinity Gauntlet
  • Civil War
  • Dark Phoenix Saga