Multiversal+ Hades, and Athena of Saint Seiya.

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Starting with Athena’s feats as it is essential to establishing the power scale system.

Does Athena have multiversal+ feats? Yes, she does. First I’d like to direct you here where Saint Seiya Omega is accepted as canon. Time and Space. Zero and Infinity. || This is the Holy Sword of Time.|| This is the ultimate holy sword that control each of those concepts to an infinite degree. || Athena tanked an attack from this sword. || While she was massively weakened.

Is there any other instances of Athena having that kind of power? Yes, in a light novel series however.She has equal power to Zeus whom is equal to Hades, and Poseidon || The Link to Zeus is here. || Athena managed to seal Typhon and his Giants. || Athena was strong enough to “Completely destroy” the true body of Typhon. || Here is the vsbattle wiki link to Typhon’s page || She has comparable power to Typhon || Light novel link is herePeople will ask about the canonicity of the Light Novel. I myself believe it to be canon. Fas we see on her page.

She can passively disable the 6 senses with her cosmos. || This comes from the same light novel. This light novel was written by, Tatsuya Hamasaki, and supervised by Kurumada himself. || As we see with these scans. It is the exact same for this Light novel as it is Episode G. It is considered a canon spin-off work. There is a limit to how much manga he can produce. He was at a supervisory role in Episode G. ||

Next up we have her “Athena Exclamation.” These are the new Viz translation version. || “The destructive force wouldn't be merely twice of that Athena Execution/Exclamation. It could multiply exponentially. “ || This is what the OG classic series says. Which can be read here. || “if two athena exclamations - two big bangs - collide their destructive force will not be multiplied by 2, or 3, but it will be multiplied infinitely! “ || The big bang gave birth to both Space and Time with the creation of the universe for the Saint Seiya verse. || Naturally Athena herself scales above this Shadow Technique. That is the reason why they named it after her. Now, we have an instance of Shaka and Shijama doing something similar. || || || || You may fact check this here. She should be far superior by a massive margin to the likes of Shaka and Shijama.|| I would like to point out that the Infinite multiplier, and the Innumerable worlds being created were the result of the collision of these immense powers. Not because each one of them are capable of doing such a feat by themselves. It is only the result of attack stalemating.

Now, lets us talk about Hades. Does Hades have any Multiversal+ feats, or higher?I already shown a scan where the four olympians were said to be equals. || He also fought against the Titans. || His Hyperdimension underworld exist outside of Space and time of the multiverse. And if that is not proof enough. Hades did manage to effortlessly keep himself alive, and stop his world from being erased by Cronus. As we can see that when he comes to say “Hi” to his father.

Now let us kick it up a few notches further. Does Hades have any 5-D feats? The "Super Dimensional Space" the space that separates Hades’ universes.

Why do I think the “Super Dimensional Space” is a 5th dimension? It is because of Braneworld Theory. Here is some explanations of that theory. || || || || || nce-science/t/physicists-probe-fifth- dimension/#.W1OeTJwrLIU

It has been described to us as a place with intense Gravitational effects as we see in these scans below. || || ||

In Summary: “The Super Dimensional Space” is a 5th dimensional bulk.

How did Seiya manage to hurt him when there is such a gap? The reason is that God Cloths > Gold Cloths. We first need to understand that Top tier Gold Saints are capable of Universal feats.Aries Mu || Virgo Shaka and Shijma|| || || || Aries Shion

As i have stated. God Cloths > Gold cloths You are probably thinking? “But by how much.” The answer should be by infinity, or much more massively than just “3 Universes worth.” As you can see that here.

Low Ends: At least tier 2-B: Athena, Hades, Thanatos and Hypnos, God cloth and 9th sense users.

High Ends: Tier High 2-A: Hades, Typhon, Zeus, and God cloths with miracles. Chronos scales above the olympians, unless you see him as someone who is High 5-D/Infinitely 5-D.

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