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As interesting as that is, it's not what the previously leaked info on the series had shown. Either way, it sounds dope for me.

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If this means that there will be indeed a SiF series, and that is the one that will be Asgard oriented, OK... If not... "End Game"... Is the station where i leave the Mcu train...

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@asgaard: True I would've liked to see more of Asgard idk if there will be much Asgard related stuff in the Loki one, but a Sif series could be very cool

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A dumb show for all the fangirls who just melt at hearing Loki's voice. Don't get your hopes up guys, next we will hear that the Sif show is her running a beauty salon on earth.

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Sources say

Marvel had no comment.


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Inevitable Wonder Woman comparison.

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Sounds like what Ares did.

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@rbt said:

Inevitable Wonder Woman comparison.

@richubs said:

Sounds like what Ares did.


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Sounds good.

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Sounds okay, that Black Mirror plotline of Loki navigating through the afterlife seemed more interesting though.

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Sounds awesome!

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@mutant1230: I was thinking they might be somehow connected.

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I'm quite hesitant about the quality of the series, but I really want it to be good. Hopefully Disney can deliver