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There's been a lot of stuff going on in the news about militias for years.  Some say they are crazed wackos, others that they are just preparing in case they are needed.  What are your opinions?  Would you join one and why or why not?  I would if it came to the point of needing to.

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pretty sure militias are protected under the constitution encase the government ever needs to be overthrown, hell, its suppose to be the right of the american ppl to overthrow the government when it no longer serves the interest of the ppl.
the problem is if they fail they are called terrorist unpatriotic, criminals and treason condemn to possible death.
i dont think their is nothing wrong with it. i think the media/government paints them in bad light at times. it also doesnt help that some militias dont register wpns which in itself cant be proven unless the government raids them which in turn really shouldnt be constitutional. 
im a military man and well i look at it like this you need these Wackos if god forbid the government ever tries to impose martial law.
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They're largely harmless preparationists, people who don't want to be dependent on any governing body for sources of energy, food, or water. 
With Muslim extremists on the continuing rise, militias and other groups that were previously associated with violence have mellowed out considerably.  I mean, who would want to get caught up in the same quagmire?