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I Have decided to make some respect threads for the most powerful warriors from one of my favorite Scifi Series. I am going to naturally start with the progenitor of the metabarons, the first Othon von Salza.

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Othon von salza was the first to be rewarded with the Metabaron Status an herald as the most powerful warrior in the universe. He was also the one to develop the Metabaronic technology that the metabarons relied on afterwards.


As the most powerful warrior in the universe during his time, he was unmatched in fighting prowess. Even before the massive amount of Implants and weaponry he use to enhance his body he was able to fight an entire army of super advance Endogaurds with only a dagger.

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He is a great marksman as well as he was able to save his pregnant wife from falling to her death by shooting a anti gravity shot at her.

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Although Othon never took the test of pain to become the metabaron (A ritual where the previous metabaron mutilates a part of his son's body to see his resistance to pain and emotion.) he was incredibly tough and durable. He was smashed under a large block of Granite and survived relatively unharmed and was only in danger of suffocating. He also survived a Blast from laser like weapon to the pelvis which ended up destroying his genitals and most of his upper legs.

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Abilities and Weapons-

Othon was the first metabaron and thus he was also the first to start the tradition of artificial implants and also developed the first metabaronic weapons.

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but his implants didn't end at just giving himself a new pelvis, he also implanted various lasers and Mini-bombs in his body. Here you can see him kill at least 30 Endogaurds in almost an instant with a wave of his hand , while he then proceeds to melt through the door of the empires throne room. Also the mini bombs he planted in his body are stated to be able to destroy a planet.

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So Probably Othon's most destructive feat was when he defeated a cetacyborg, Which are giant planetoid sized space whale monsters. Othon while in his metacraft shooting planet destroying missiles battled the beast, but it remained unphased. So Othon decided to enter in through its mouth passing through it intense acids to its Servo-brain. He proceeded to fire all his weapons at once at the servo-brain causing it to explode with the power of a supernova.

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So that has been the First Metabaron Othon Von Salza!

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Nice job.

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