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I hope not

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Loading Video...

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Isla Fisher is 41 (as is Christina Hendricks). Margot Robbie is 26. Megan Fox is 30. Robbie teaming with Fox makes more sense to me for that coupling than Fisher. Having said that I would gone with someone like Lily James (27), Gemma Arterton (31) or Emilia Clark (30) since I believe all of them to be superior actors than Fox.


Clarke's physique is not at all befitting of Poison Ivy. Emilia Clarke is a petite, 5'1ft girl. Ivy is 5'8ft.

Gallery image 1Gallery image 2

Height and overall physique is nothing resembling Ivy.

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I just threw up a little

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I have like four or five alerts for this thread and all I can see are the first two posts...

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ftw? Now I can see them? This is weird.

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And now I can't again.

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@mrnoital said:

they should really be trying for Christina Hendricks

Wow, this is brilliant. Wish I had thought of it. Posting this while I can see more than the first two posts.

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@heroup2112: I'm having the same problem. They keep disappearing randomly.

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@aros001 said:
@heroup2112 said:

I don't see this as a necessarily bad idea. She's honestly not a bad actress (not I didn't say she's all that great), and this role plays to her few strengths.

Is she the BEST for the job? Probably not, but they could do worse.

I don't know Megan Fox beyond the Transformers and Turtle movies so please pardon my ignorance, but what strengths are you referring to? Despite what I'm sure plenty of writers believe, there's more to Poison Ivy than just looking pretty (and half naked) and getting men to do what she wants.

Certainly there's more to Ivy than that, though those are her two strongest character traits which Fox is very strong at. However, she's also good at portraying strong emotion (if not so awesome at delivering weighty dialogue).

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Meh, it's alright.

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@the_stegman: but she is covering her boobs or she has those nip covers. All the others are fake.

I want a full frontal damn it.

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You don't need to be a great actress to play Poison Ivy...

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Despite what DCEU hater might say, they usually pick good actor/actress for a role. So I want to say DCEU probably won't unless she 100% a villain in the movie then she perfect bceaise we can't have good villain role appereantly or have miscast.

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It's about time her sexy ass went back to actual work!

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The DCEU already is the Transformers of comic films. Fitting choice for a failed franchise.

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@toranblak: because no guy on earth will pay money to go see Zooey as a hot sexual character, we go see her to laugh or to be mad and upset with her, she's not sexual and poison ivy is super sexual

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she's hot as fuu but i'd say bad

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@tinyford: Look one of the reasons i mentioned her is because i dont like the idea that a 30 yr old that looks like she is in her 20's portray a Villain who is clearly the same age or 5 years younger than Batman. Its like michelle pfeiffer and Keaton in batman Returns they act better because they are close in age and they can understand each other putting Megan Fox with Affleck will give u the same result as it gave when she had a dialog with josh brolin in Jonah Hex another award for worst actress. Zooey even though you are right my reason for picking her was since Affleck is close to her age they can act better. Megan Fox is just a tease and she knows it but she needs the work. Also the best example of Poison Ivy isnt in the comics but in Batman The animated series if you are looking for the one then look for everything not just cleavage.

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Isn't most of what Poison Ivy does just saying things in a seductive tone and moaning obscenely loudly whenever her plants are injured, at least in her most recent adaptions?

You don't need to be a grade A actress to do that, so Fox is fine if it's a small role. If it's for Gotham City Sirens where she's one of the main characters though, not a good idea.

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@toranblak: haha absolutely true Megan Fox can't act to save her life, and she's also not hot might I just add. I simply meant to say that Zooey (even if she is an amazing actress) has set herself up for future roles as the awkward girl or the mean girl or whatever.

I love Zooey, but having her in a superhero movie will possibly cause people to say "nah it won't be good enough" and watch something else.

Also this is poison ivy, I think zooey would be able to play a superhero/supervillian but just not this sexy one because previous roles she took disqualified her for them.

Nonetheless she is an amazing actress and the age gap you mentioned makes complete sense so kudos

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Whoever plays Poison Ivy next can't be too much worse than Uma Thurman.

(Not that Uma Thurman is a bad actress, but that entire movie was terrible.)

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Megan Fox? Eww

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Maybe if her acting has improved, but no I dont like the choice, Gemma Arterton though id love to see her play Ivy

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What about Actress Mary Elizabeth Winstead How about that ? she would be good in the role.

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Y'all remember Ros from Game of Thrones? I think she'd be a good pick.

No Caption Provided

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She's not even got enough! 😠(Me being gay may hinder my taste but still...)

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@darkdetective27 said:

She's not even got enough! 😠

Enough what? what does she not get enough of? answer me you illiterate lil twerp!!!!

(Me being gay may hinder my taste but still...)

I'll say, who wears bow ties and fur coats? not someone with a fully functioning brain, dat am four sure

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@the_stegman: I think one of the main issues here should be the chemistry that Megan Fox would have with the other members of the cast; ergo Margot Robbie. I don't really see Megan Fox having good on screen chemistry with Harley Quinn. I predict it as being forced and awkward throughout the whole film. Would rather see someone play Poison Ivy and have honest interactions with Margot in order to make it all seem natural and believable.

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DCEU movies sucks so i would not mind atleast hot actresses in it, especially after that fail WW casting.

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Only if thats a misprint and meant to read: "Megan Fox will be poisoned by Ivy..."

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Terrible idea. I have printer paper that has more personality and acting ability than her. She not even that hot anymore as she is getting older, so her one saving grace is fading away.

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She was a lot better looking before her plastic surgery

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Gemma Arterton please