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70's DC 80 's Spider man 90's DC 2000's and Marvel tied. 2010's Marvel dominates.

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I've barely put any time to think this through but as far as i thought.

60's It was the golden age for Marvel heroes most of the significant heroes as of today born in that era, so Marvel.

70's Barely read any DC in this era so rather not comment biasly.

80's some of my personal favorite DC stories formed in that time i would say DC dominantly.

90's Marvel dominated this decade various stories and character developments that are very relevant still. DC wasn't jobbing neither but i just think that 90's marvel had the edge.

2000's Marvel was shining really bright in this decade with groundbreaking bold events.

2010's Dc was nothing special this decade but i consider Marvel comics utter garbage during this decade. So DC by default.