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So, I've been gathering feats from Marvel Telepaths all across the spectrum and think it would be interesting to make a Tier list for them, to show their feats and scaling.

This is just a frame work for the posts and how they will sectioned. I'll be updating and adding to each section over time. Hopefully, I'll be done by the end of the month. I'll first put in the entries with a link to the feats, but over time I'll upload the images.

Tier 0: Cosmic Tier (Sky father and above)

I understand that powers of cosmic beings tend to vary and expand exponentially. I don't have the energy or patience to start classifying and grouping them, frankly it sounds like he'll. So I'll just group them all here.

Sample; Odin, Loki, Thanos, Phoenix, Watcher, Silver surfer, Dr Strange, Hungry Galactus.

Basically some people here can stomp some other people here, they are not all equal. The main message is that guys in theses tier are far above every one else.

Doctor Strange: Master of Mystic Arts, Sorcerer Supreme

these covers mostly Classic Strange. Honestly this dude is a badass.


Dr Strange claimed that he was strong enough to make pre-retcon beyonder live trapped in an illusion for eternity

Gallery image 1Gallery image 2

1-He is able to dispel an illusion from D'spayre

2-Experiences the memories of countless individuals

Gallery image 1Gallery image 2

Takes mental torture from the Inbetweener without being broken

Gallery image 1Gallery image 2

1-Defeats Umar in astral battle in her own dimension

2/3-Frees souls by taking out the Nervous system of a soul eater with his astral Form

Gallery image 1Gallery image 2Gallery image 3

Defeats Mind Gem Moondragon in an astral battle

To be continued

Silver Surfer: The Quintessential Herald

The Surfer is the most famous Herald that's Galactus has had, his power levels are well known as scaling people in Herald tier basically comes down to how they compare to him. Obviously his telepathic feats are highly impressive.


Here he fights off the Other, cosmic being with consciousness as wide as a dimension.




He has almost defeated Mephisto in astral battle, in mEphistos own dimension (out of his dimension, Mephisto was able to ignore psi blasts from 3 alternate Xaviers and destroy their astral forms)


He took a psi blast from Mind gem Moondragon and was only knocked down. A psi blast from her knocked out Xavier.

Freed himself from the mental control of the goddess

Fooling an insane Galactus with illusions (acknowledged that it would not work on a sane galactus)

Freeing Rogues mind from the Inciters, a powerful hive mind of 9 billion souls (the inciter absorbed all the souls on Zen la, plus 90s Rogue had telepathy resistance, so they would have been powerful telepatys)

Caused world peace on a planet with telepathy

Calmed the inhabitants of a planet

The Queen of Dire Wraiths connects to his mind and try to take over him, but her mind basically gets fried (the wraith Queen has a telepathic link to billions of her people, so for his mind to overload her is impressive)

Galactus: Eater of Worlds

Forever Hungry, what makes Galactus impressive is that most of his feats are performed when he is hungry (Not to full power). The few feats Here are from Hungry Galactus. You can only imagine what he could do at full power.


70s Xavier who fought dark Phoenix could not get past his mental shields with magnetos help.

90s Xavier projected the feelings of 8 billion skrulls into his mind and he barely registered it.

Projecting the hatred of 9 billion skrulls into Xaviers mind, staggering him

Resisting Thanos and Moondragons attempt to take over his mind and making thanos run away in fear

Going toe to toe with Odin in a telepathy battle


With the help of Moondragon, he is able to get into the mind of Galactus and try to take over (he doesn't)

A weakened Thanos requires 3 Telepaths (moondragon, Cosmo and Mantis) to restrain him, and it becomes harder as he heals and regains his mind.

Kicks moon dragon out of his mind

Takes control of Fallen one and brainwashed him

Defeated Moondragon in an astral battle

He turned of the mind of a sentient cosmic cube Kosmos and trapped her in her body (though, Kosmo was amnesiac and insane and was limited by her mortal body, also she was childlike, and Oracle also replicated the feat, albeit it drove her insane. Still, quite impressive)




The Phoenix

The Stranger


The Stranger knocks down the avengers including Moondragon with a psi blast


Controls hulk and thing


Overmind, with the power of a billion brains, the complete power of the eternas, could not do anything to strangers mind


A Rogue watcher notes that the stranger can break his mind


The Stranger puts a mental block in Dr Strange to keep him from using magic


Makes 3 imperial guard members worship him


The Watcher

Watcher resists mind probes from galactus

Puts mental blocks in Molecule man's mind

Secretly taking over doctor stranges min without him noticing

His mind is too much for Psi Lord to handle

Puts a mental block on the stranger that keeps him from speaking of his plans

Classic Loki


Loki fools Surtur, Odin with illusions

Astral projects across the universe /dimensions while imprisoned

He defeated strange in astral battle

Had a battle with Odin in astral Form, across multiple planes of reality

He astral projects to the skrull home world

He Hypnotised the silver surfer

He can astral project from Asgard to earth

Fires Psychic blasts that could stagger doctor strange

Melds his mind inds with Odin and penetrates his subconscious mind


Odin's telepathy was great enough to cure Thor in Blood and Thunder, while Strange, Moondragon and Thanos couldn't.

Mindwipe all of Asgard,

hypnotize all of earth's population

Communicates with Thor across dimensions

Mind Gem Moondragon

Reaches out to every mind in the universe

Oneshots Xavier with a mind blast

Knocks down Silver surfer with a mind blast



Drains Nate grey and reads his secrets from his mind

Restrains Jean grey with a psionic muzzle

Drains psionic energy from the universe

Attacks doctor doom through time

Onslaught at his weakest resists doctor doom trying to absorb him and attacks

From the Phantom zone, affects Captain America's dreams

Put a large group to sleep

Breaks through Xaviers mental defenses

Pulls Jean grey into the astral plane and Defeats her there

Fooling Franklin Richards with illusions

Adam Warlock

Franklin Richards (composite)

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Tier 1: Psi's of the Highest Order (Trans)

These are the Top tier non cosmic Telepaths, Exceptional in both Power and Skill. Also means they're the first to be jobber out in an event so a cosmic can seem super powerful.


Feats: Xavier tends to job a lot, but he has enough high end feats to be put up here.

1) Channels the positive emotions of Billions of Skrulls into Galactus mind; takes galactus channeling the negative emotions of billions of skrulls into his mind and is only staggered. [late 90s]

2) Scans the minds of Billions of people on earth, gathers the psychic energy of millions of the most noble souls, and through the help of the X-Men, channels them into the minds of all the aliens on another planet. [late 90s]

3) Gathers the Psionic energy of billions on the shiar home planet, and channels then to Z'cann who focuses it as a spear. They use this to take out Ego, the living planet [Classic/early 70s]

4) Mindwipes Current Jean grey in a surprise attack [Current, post power up]

5) Kills Amahl Fahrouk (Shadow Kings host) with a psi blast [Young Xavier]

6) Hearing the minds of every one on the planet as a child [teenage Xavier]

7) attacks and Kicks out Cassandra Nova (with Jeans help) from his body [New X-Men, early 2000]

8) Blocks Mindgem Moondragons telepathic probes [early 90s]

9)Places Post hypnotic suggestions in Exodus mind, that make him see illusions when he's awake [Legacy, post power up]

10) As a ghost, stalemates Shadow King on multiple levels of the astral plane and the real world, before defeating him through strategy(Shadow King was amped using Proteus Energy) [current]

11) Can Tap into the Network of Psis around the world and uses their power [current]

12) Clears out a psychic infection from minds in a city, then Mindwipes the minds of every one in the city (current)

13) Mindwipes everyone in Beasts Home town (classic)

14) After losing some of his memories and probably skill, he challenges Exodus to an astral battle, overcomes Exodus attacks, then takes him down. [Legacy]

15) When he was a child, sinister implanted his DNA in Xavier. Sinister tries to take over Xaviers Body, Charles fights him on the astral plane and wins.

16) Xavier sends out a psychic message to magneto 13 years in the future (classic)

17) Xaviers spirit from the afterlife, sends a message to Legion (Legacy vol2)

18) In Westchester, Xavier senses An alt universe Magik about to attack him from limbo (probably an alternate universe limbo) [90s]

19) Taking apart Legions (karami personality) psychic defenses and walls [80s]

20) with help from Half of Jean greys soul, he is able to take down Dark Phoenix and place inhibitors in her mind to block her powers (classic 70s)

21) With help from Rachel grey he is able to mentally attack Full Phoenix cyclops (AvX)

22) He puts 1/5 Phoenix Namor to sleep along with a team of Avengers (AvX)

23) He turns off part of 1/2 Phoenix cyclops and 1/2 Phoenix Emma frosts brains (Avx)

24) He enters 1/2 Phoenix cyclops mind, fools him with illusions and the avengers beat him in real life, then brings him to his knees [AvX]

25) He senses Lilandras pain in another Galaxy before he met her [classic]

26) communicates with the Xmen in another Galaxy (classic)

27) from his space ship, he astral projects to Lilandras space ship, a few lightyears/planets away

28) with Cerebra, he is able to access the Universal Collective consciousness (every mind in the universe)

29) his Astral Form battles pre shaman Nate grey, tanks blasts from use, then fools him into thinking he had defeated Xavier (Nate was killing himself from fighting Xavier) [90s]

Shadow King

the Multiversal representation of the Dark side of human consciousness. Has had multiple hosts

Amahl Fahrouk- controlled Phoenix Rachel and used her memories to torment her

Held his own against her on the astral plane, before losing the fight

Jacob Reisz: influencing every mind on earth with hatred and anger

Able to influence the mind of 80s Legion using cerebro (Legions telepathic personality, was able to kick out an holding back Xavier from his mind)

With Legion as his host he was able to dominate Psylocke and beat Xavier on the astral plane

Without a host, he was able to stomp Psylocke on the astral plane

He was able to take over every mind on earth

He was able to control Rachel grey, Storm and Psylocke at the same time

In wolrds apart, he assaulted Emma frosts mind and she had to hide in diamond Form (immune to telepathy)


Killing weak Telepaths around the world and taking control of Psylockes mind with Infectious psychic enrgy

At the same time he was fighting Xavier on the astral plane

Hiding a fragment of himself in Xaviers mind to activate later.

Using the network of psis around the world to boost himself, and infect every mind on earth

Shaman Nate

90S Nate grey had a lot of power but minimal skill. Shaman Nate gets the skills of an alternate universe Nate grey added to his.


1) Gets through the mental shields of a group of Telepaths, but holds back he could accidentally melt their brains

2) Knocks down this Purple Alien Telepath with a psi blast

3) Breaks into the mind of the purple Telepath

4) for comparison, the purple telepath, while standing in another universe, could mind**** a telepathic man in 616 universe

5) Converts himself Into psionic energy and disperses into everyone on earth

6) Exists as psionic energy and possesses a town full of people

7) Drains a large group of Telepaths of their psionic energy

8) Scans North America for a group of Telepaths and kills them

Life Seed Amped - Shaman Nate grey

Feats: Nate grey was depowered before he found the life seed. So the Life seed probably restored him to normal levels instead of stacking to old feats.

talking to every mind on earth

Taking over the minds of magneto (helmet on), blob, angel, and Omega red

Taking over Legions mind and absorbing him

Trapping Jean grey in his mind

Took over Complete Legions mind and absorbed him

Listening in in secret psychic conversations between Psylocke and Jean grey

Placing all the Xmen in a pocket universe and rewriting their memories, including Telepaths like Rachel, Jean, Cuckoos, Martha, Monet, Sage, Maxime, Manon and probably Legion (complete Legion)

Cassandra Nova

From Ecuador, invaded Cerebra amped Xaviers mind and tore into it. Her grip was so strong, he had to threaten suicide, Jean described the attack as a mindquake

At the same time in Ecuador, she was communicating with Emma frost in Genosha and altering her DNA

Controlling Emma frost with post hypnotic suggestions

Takes down Jean grey who entered her mind, with a psychic trap that left her on the ground drooling

Mindf**ka Lilandra and the Imperial Guard despite them having mind Armour

Taking control of Rachel grey, keeping her on a psychic leash

High jacking an Helicarrier and taking control of hundreds of people on board


Full power Legion

Legion has multiple telepathic personalities, all of them with Varying on levels of proficiency.


Jemail karami- an Arabic Telepath boy, that was able to kick Xavier out of legions mind



Legion, the God mutant: Kills Xavier with A psychic blade

Knocks Psylocke down with a psychic blast

Moira : a reality warping telepathic personality that was able to defeat Xavier on the astral plane.

Placing all the Xmen in a pocket universe and rewriting their memory, including Telepaths like Rachel and Psylocke

Tyranix the Abominoid: Able to scan thousands of light-years into space

Scanning the planet



Shields from karasu tengus mental attcks


Able to sneak into a cosmic beings kind, while being restrained by SWORD Psi blockers (a extremely low level cosmic)



Able to go toe to toe against Red skull with Xaviers brain, though he gets overpowered

Plants false memories in the minds of some Bigots, Sydren (SWORDs head telepath can't detect that they are false memories)

Beast Xavier: able to influence every mind on earth, affecting Telepaths like Emma frost and Blindfold, and Danger(a robot)







Takes over David for 60 seconds and stomps Red skull with Xaviers brain


Going toe to toe with Legion after he had merged with all his other personalities, their fight was across different planes of reality






Stomping Aarkus (the vision, low level cosmic being) Issue on the astral plane


Manhandling and kicking Blindfold out of Legions mind

Merged Legion: This Legion , Merged with almost all his personalitys (excluding 3 powerful omes; Beast Xavier, The Weaver and the Chrono mancer)

defeated Beast Xavier



Kicks Karasu tengs out of his mind



Gestalt Legion: After fusing with beast Xavier, he started absorbing the Psyches thousands of mutants on earth








Complete Legion: after absorbing the final 2 personalities, he became whole, reversed time and wiped his existence from the minds of everyone on earth.

Disassembled- puts personalities in the minds of a large number of civilians and used them to attack the Xmen. At the same time blocking Jean grey from entering their minds

Making Madrox create thousands of clones and putting personalities and powers in them, Psylocke could not take them down with telepathy.

Trapping Lifeseed Nate grey in his mind, and making him think he had lost his powers, and making him think he had spent 5 month's in AoA when 5 minutes had passed

For Scaling purposes, Legion using a single personality will be on different tiers

Tier 1- Disassembled/Complete /Gestalt Legion

Moira Personality (though she has been destroyed/absorbed)

Tier 2- Merged Legion

Beast Xavier

The God Mutant

Tier 3: Tyrranix personality

Karami personality


Knocks down Dr Strange with a psi blast

Controls every one on the planet

Hypnotizes Classic Savage Hulk

Controls Millions in Seoul including Chulk, making them dream

Savior Cable

Reading the minds of everyone on the planet continously, Talking to everyone.

Accidentally Mindwipes 84 people when trying to Mindwipe 1 girl

His telepathy Ionized the planet, without looking for the Xmen, Emma frost amped by Cerebra was straining to hide them from him.

Claims to be stronger than Xavier, Xavier does not disagree

Telepathically makes a crowd see him as a giant

Going by the skill feats and high ends he already had in a weaker Form, his placing seems justified.

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Tier 2: Omega Class Telepaths (Herald)

You every day High level world Reading telepath. These ones have enough showings of power and skill, and feats of picking lower Telepaths to their name.

Jean Grey:


Jean grey: A soul carved so closely from the fires of the Phoenix

Cassandra Nova tries to tear apart Jean greys mind but is unable to harm her[current]


Senses a battle happening in Asgard (another dimension)[90s]

Astral projects from a far away battle to place a psi block in Jessica Jones mind that prevents purple man's power from working on her

Accidentally astral projects to the Heroes Reborn Universe [90s]

Projects a psychic scream from the moon to Wolverine on earth[90s]

Masks herself from Madelyne Pryor and Nate grey [90s]

Traps Gamemaster (an omnipath, connected to every mind on earth) on the astral plane, when she opens the cage he flees instead of fighting her[90s]

While having her memories suppressed by the phoenix, Jean Subconsciously projects psychic manifestations of her memories around the world and on the moon [current]

Cable tries to trace Jeans psychic manifestations and gets knocked out (he was using cerebro, which is a x10 amp for telepaths) [current]

Rachel comes in contact with an area where Jeans psychic manifestations was before, starts repeating words said by the projection, has a nose bleed and ends up in the infirmary for the rest of the event [current]

Melds the minds of hundreds of soldiers with hundreds of mutants [current]

Controls the minds of hundreds of civilians in a nightclub that had high level psi blockers [revolution]

5 alien Telepaths are unable to get into Jean greys mind [depowered X-Factor]

Mindwipes the knowledge of Rogue rampaging out of control in a city during rush hour, from the city [revolution]

One shots mutant 143,a telepath who could control Nightcrawler for months from another state[new Xmen]

Her telepathy is always on and constantly reading millions of minds, so she has mental shields to keep them out [revolution]

Jean greys Ghost masks herself from a depowered doctor strange (not a big feat) [current]

The ghost manipulates the astral plane to taunt Teen Jean grey [current]

Her ghost possessed and took complete control of Teen Jean greys body (she could only watch helplessly from her mindscape) [current]

Her ghost got past Emma frosts mental defenses, restrained Emma frost and kept her from consciously fighting back, so that teen Jean could enter her mindscape and search it [current]

She and Emma frost enter Cassandra novas brain to free Xavier who has been trapped there. Emma frost gets caught in the first trap, while Jean gets through different ones an has to free Emma in the end [new Xmen]

Projects illusions of Dazzler being killed to Magneto and thousands of his followers, also masking amelia from freeing Xavier from his cross [revolution]

Frees Binarys mind from the control of a powerful hive mind (the incites absorbed 9 billion souls on Zen la) [90s]

Fights Onslaught on the astral plane, though she loses[90s]

During Judgement war, gathers psionic energy from a large number of aliens (it can be intetpretd as the planet, the feat is a hard one) [depowered X-Factor]

She and cable shield the Xmen from Onslaughts mental attacks [90s]

Removes mental blocks placed in juggernauts mind by onslaught [90s]

Typhoid Mary gets amped and takes over every mind in Manhattan New York and her power is spreading. Jean grey is able to get onto her mind and subdue her. Later Jean brings the normal Mary personality back to the front [current]

Onslaught is unable to get past her mental shields to read her memories (late X-Factor - 90s jean) [90s]

Enters Emma frost mind, tears through her memories and makes her relive the deaths of her students again [new Xmen]

In new Xmen, using her full potential draws her closr to the Phoenix, and gives it the possibility of replacing her. At this point, Xavier said her mind was like a ocean of psionic energy and if he came into her thoughts it would burn him [new Xmen]

Mind f**** a large number of N'garai demons (some were shown to have mental resistance in earlier issues), while fooling Pilgrimm, a demon sorcerer with illusions [revolution]

Ripping out Apocalypse essence from cyclops [revolution]

Kicking out ogun from her mind and Stomping him on the astral plane [90s]

On a plane with Psychic Static blocking telepathy, she disguises her astral Form as a bird and scans the planet searching for Xavier [post OZT]

Scans the planet looking for Xmen members and calling them to join her[current]

With Psylocke, they shut Legion down and put him to sleep [current]

With Psylocke, shut down thousands of Legion possessed madrox clones [current]

Makes Life seed Nate grey experience all the pain he has caused on earth bringing him he knees and making him lose control over his horsemen [current]

Feels and hears all the pain, anger, fear and anxiety in the world [current]

Kicks the Phoenix out of her mind and body after it possessed her[current]

A dead jean grey temporarily resists being Resurrected by the phoenix and kicks it out of her corpse [current/endsong]

Jean grey committed suicide by drowning/freezing herself, but came back to life on her own without the Phoenix [current/endsong]

Her psi blasts was strong enough to knock down Phoenix Emma frost [current /endsog]

Cables strongest probes can't penetrate her mind (standard cable)

Shocks Emma frost and the Hellions with a psychic shout [90s]

The Stranger projected visions of the Cosmos, abstract and cosmic awareness into the minds of Juggernaut (no helmet) and Jean grey. The juggernaut is left on the ground mindf**** and sobbing, but Jeans mind handles it easily (this is a woman that talks to death, the Phoenix and eternity) [revolution]

Masks herself from Xavier (revolution)

Freezing the people of Boston (revolution)

Puts an angry mob to sleep (Current. 2.New Xmen)

Suspending the motor functions of Weapon 12,who has a bacterial consciousness that divides and adapts to mental attacks, millions of nano sized robotic brains, and 100s of humans and animals he assimilated acting as eternal brains (she froze all of them too) [new Xmen]

Turns Monica rambeau from light Form to human [X-Factor pre depowered]

Depowered X-Factor Jean was able to kick Sinister out of her mind

X-Factor Jean with her full telepathy could one shot Telepaths like Psylocke and Psynapse (late X-Factor]

Cable s noble and ge as the mental shields of an unconscious Jean greys mind [revolution]

Breaks through locks and shields, Madelyne Pryor kept on cables mind when she entered it [90s]

Projects a message to thousands of people living in Savage land

Goes into the collective mindscape of the Neo, Defeats avatars of their leaders (the lost souls) and brings a neo who willed himself to deal back (revolution)

Also, Teen Jean has been confirmed to be Adult Jean. And Adult Jean has been shown to have her memories and training that she had, so all of Teen Jeans feats can be used for adult Jean.

Emma Frost


the white Queen, the black King

Using the power of 1000 Cuckoos (telepathic clones off herself) and using their power to lobotomize Phoenix celestial [I don't believe she overpowered, nothing like that was shown, and they clones were all calling her mother and wanting her to help them)

Stalemated the mindee cuckoo (mindee was tapping into the Phoenix force, on a normal day, Emma stomps her)

Knocks down the three Cuckoos with a fragment of the Phoenix (they had the Phoenix force and tapping into it a little)

Detects the psi block the Cuckoos placed in the minds of all the X-Men and removes it

Broadcasting a message to millions of mutants around the world

Projects illusions into Sentrys mind

Pulls Sentrys wife into his head and Undoes Sentrys Mindwipe that he performed on himsel

Shutting down an hive mind of hundreds of Mr sinisters (a high level Telepath)

Mind wipes a city

Scans every mind in a city

Projects to the Cuckoos new York from the north pole

After her astral Form was trapped and cut off from her body, she deflected tracks from the Skrull telepathic hive that was blocking telepathic activity all around the planet [7 Skrull telepaths)

Sifts through billions of souls in Rogues mind to find her

A depowered Emma using the Cuckoos as a battery was able to knock down Legion (Tyrannix) with her psi blast and was confident that she could beat him



Emma planted a slow acting psychic poison called pyrrhic in Legions mind that took him out [broken telepathy, using Cuckoos as battety]






Classic Emma frost took out classic Xavier (a planetary level Telepath) in a sneak attack

Kicks martha Johansson out of her head

Hiding in Cyclops mind, Emma slowly worked her way through Xaviers mind placing blocks and post hypnotic commands so she could control him

With the aid of the Cuckoos, Emma projects an image of cyclops into every mind on earth. Telepaths like teen Jean, Synapse and Rachel weren't able to detect that it was not the real cyclops

Stalemating Exodus in astral battle, while making him unable use any of his other powers

Turns of Teen Jean greys telepathy

Depowered Emma freaking out is still strong enough to hurt Rachel grey

Mind wiped a city

Makes Quentin Quire soil himself

Beats Rachel grey in an astral battle

Connects Scotts message to Celestials (without going insane. To me that's a good feat)

Blocking Scotts mind from a weakened/dying Phoenix force twice


Suppressing the power of 90s Jean grey

Forced Psylocke out of his mind and dispelled her illusion (late 2000s)

Psylocke says that he is stronger than her

Drains 90s Nate grey (though, this is after he used a machine to drain half of it already)

Reads Madelyne Pryors mind and her plans to betray him despite her mental defenses

Projects an image of himself and talks to everyone in latveria

Reads Nate greys mind and all his history despite his mental shields

While in his twenties, he attacks 20 year old Cable with a mental attack that leaves him comatose and dying

(the following feats took place in the late 90s during Revolution. An unknown person ambushes and took out Jean and posse Cable. The plot line is dropped and the next issue both of Jean and cable were back to normal and didn't reference it, but in later interviews, Claremont said it was supposed to be a storyline about stryfe attacking the Xmen. So I'm placing them down here since they are questionable)

took out Revolution Jean grey on the astral plane

Defeated Cable on the astral plane and took over his body (standard cable)

While in Cables body, Masked himself from Revolution Jean

Rachel grey

Scans the planet looking for The hellfire club and classifies the minds on earth

Scans every mind in Westchester

Helps Xavier attack Phoenix cyclops

Stalemated Exodus in astral battle while he battled her teamStomps

Mesmero in straightforward mental combat

Quire enters her mind and what he sees makes him start bleeding from his nose

Keeps Quentin Quire on a psychic collar and chainContacts Cable from billions of years in the future

Telepathically takes out millions of sentient nano sentinels that were resistant to telepathy

Was constantly reading every mind in Manhattan/new York

One shots Psylocke with a telepathic blast

Tanks a psi blast from Xavier Junior then one shots his astral Form with a psi blast

Held her own in a psychic battle against Xavier (Prof)

Astral projected from shiar Galaxy to earth

Tanks a mental attack from an alien telepath who ambushed her and mind blasts him

Removes Super giant (Telepath from the black order) telepathic control from ice man

Scans Xavier juniors mind despite his psi shields

Madelyne Pryor

Traps depowered X-Factor Jean in her mind, binds them together, and wills herself to die

Keeps depowered X-Factor Jean on a psychic leash

Detonates a psychic bomb in rachels mind and has her down on the ground in seconds in a mental ambushTakes

down Emma frost and plants psychic chaff in her mind in a sneak attack

Stomped Tessa (sage) then wiped her mind

Opens her mind for 90s Jean to enter and traps her in psychic fire

A psychic vampire, she completely drained Threnody , killing her

Enters 90s cables mind when he left it open and astral projects him around the world, while locking his mind

Toys with 90s Cable on the astral plane using illusions


Senses every mind on earth [Crimson Dawn/late 90s]

Hears every soul on earth screaming [current]

Can access the network of psis around the world to boost her powers [current]

Fights the shadow king on the astral plane and almost wins [current]

Hurts juggernaut through his Tp proof helmet [Classic]

Ogun and kwannons ghost try to take over her, but she Defeats them and kick them out [2000s]

Breaks free of Madelynes Brainwashing [2000s]

One shots Psynapse [Current]

With the help of Jean grey, shuts down thousands of Legion/madrox clones

With Jean grey, put Legion to sleep (curent)


Kicked 90s Jean out of his mind

Was knocked down by a mental blast from 90s Xavier, but tanked it

Stalematd Rachel grey in astral combat Rachel grey was unable to enter his mind

Stalemated Emma frost in astral combat

Reconstructed Xaviers mind memory by memory

Holds his own against Xavier in astral battle before being defeated

Was influencing millions on the island of Genosha

Put mental blocks in a mutants mind that psyclocke could not remove without killing the mutant

Xavier jnr

Took control of the Cuckoos and used them to torture the Xmen

Ignores teen Jeans blasts as they have no effect

Took control of the Cuckoos and Jeen on the astral plane

Knocks down Rachel with a mind blast


Channeled the psionic energy of billions of mind as a spear into Egos mind

Projected to all the mutant skrulls across a battlefield to help the Xmen

Takes on Emma frost (broken Tp) using the Cuckoos as battery's, and leaves the Cuckoos and Emma bleeding from their noses

Emma can only read what Z'cann wants her to read for her mind, because Xavier trained her


Took over a planet by controlling the Leaders on the planet Mentally controlling Thor Holds her own in a mental battle against doctor strange but loses.

With the help of Cosmo and Mantis, they restrain a weakened Thanos

Contacts the avengers from another Galaxy and influences thm to come

Reads the mind of annihilus

Goes toe to toe against Thanos, but loses



Can transmit her consciousness to plants on other planets acrose galaxies

Senses billions of minds

Can reach through time to contact Captain Marvel

Fights the high Council of the cotati (telepathic plant people) http://www.supermegamonkey.net/chronocomic/entries/scans18/FF325_Cotati.jpghttp://www.supermegamonkey.net/chronocomic/entries/scans18/FF325_Fight6.jpg


One shots Cancerverse hulk with a psi blast

Calls members of the Annihilators from different parts of the Galaxy

Scans all of knowhere for a bomb

Uses telepathy on Adam Warlock the explain to him

Knocks out a large group that was fighting, including Mantis

Xorna Jean grey

Stomped Depowered Emma frost using the Cuckoos (3 in 1) and Teen Jean as batteries, she also takes own the cuckoos [1] in front of Phoenix Quentin and Rachel ,masks her team so that they become invisible and untraceableOne[2] shot a team of Xmen including teen Jean and Storm with a psi wave [3]


Getting into Teen Jeans mind (amped in pink mode), with teen Jean not being able to kick her out

Telepathically controlling Rick Jones and reading his mind



Controlling Living Lightning to attack the avengers

Scanning for Teen Jean and finding her (this was after Rachel taught teen Jean how to mask herself from Xorna Jean and Xavier jnr in battle of the atom)

Shutting down Kosmo (a sentient cosmic cube/beyonder) and putting her to sleep but going insane as a side effect (Kosmo was weakened in mortal Form and was in confused state

Mr Sinister

Entered the mind of depowered X-Factor Jean bypassing her mental defenses and destroying her memories (Jean at this period could keep Psylocke out of her mind, and kept 5 alien Telepaths from entering her min)

While at the same time punking 80s Psylocke

Prevents Psylocke from leaving the astral plane

Resists and counters Psylocke's mental attack

Nearly consumes Storm's astral essence which would destroy her personality and allow him to take over her body. Stopped by a psychic bolt from Psylocke , but he eventually overcomes Psylocke's grip on him

Made himself immune to Emma frosts telepathy

Blocking Emmas telepathic probes

Set up traps in Threnodys mind, so that when Nate grey entered, sinister would have access to his mind

Implanted his DNA in Xaviers body and tried to take over his kind and body, they had an impressive astral battle, but he lost

Taken down Madelyne Pryor

Sinister rechannels Nate Grey's psychic battle

Miss Sinister

Pulls Xavier into the astral plane into a trap

Supreme Intelligence

From the Kree Galaxy, he influenced scientists on earth to create the cosmic cub

Influenced shiar the create the nega bomb

Can nfluence humans through their dreams

Scanned the avengers minds for their enemies and created constructs of them

Coaches Rick Jones on how to use the telepathic power of the destiny force


Stomped teenage Rachel grey in the 80s

Almost took over early 2000 Rachels mind but was fought off

Stalemated 90s Emma in telepathy

Mindwipes Early Hellfire club Emma

Faithful John

One shot Quentin Quire

Tanked and Ignored multiple psychic blasts from Quentin Quires psychic shot gun (one shot teen Jean and storm)

Easily put storm in an illusion despite her psychic resistance and one shot Wolverine with a psi knife

Astral projects into the world, which is like a small pocket dimension

Red Queen Jean grey

Over months, she slowly implanted blocks and hypnotic suggestions in Nate greys mind so that she could control him and Mindwipe him without him noticing

Drained psionic energy from her city killing her subjects

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Tier 3: Potential Omegas (High Mid tier)

Powerful characters that lack the skill to be placed in Omega class rank, or skilled characters that lack the power to place them in Omega class rank.

Sample; 90s Cable, 3 in 1 Cuckoos, Teen Jean grey, 90s Jean grey, Crimson dawn Psylocke, Blaquesmith, Martha Johanson

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Tier 4: The Inbetweener (low mid tier)

Telepaths with feats too strong to be in the fodder or Street level faction, but not strong enough to move them to potential omega status.

Sample; 70s Jean grey, 80s Psylocke, Monet, Psynapse, Synapse, 80s teen Rachel grey

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Tier 5: Street level Telepath (Street level)

Low level Telepaths with incredibly short range. Will also include nameles/featless Telepaths.

Sample; depowered X-Factor Jean grey, depowered Emma frost, depowered Nate grey, Prodigy, Sydren, Typhoid Mary

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This is good.

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I think Emma might be ranked a tier too high. I mean she beat Rachel when Rachel was like a tier 3 and she only stalemated exodus. She’ll definitely be able to beat Psylocke and probably be able to beat Pryor and Stryfe but I feel like classic Xavier could beat them too.

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@elpendejo: she also has one over Legion. And beating the Skrull blockade when they had already duplicated the powers of Emma and Jean. Honestly she doesnt have as many high calibre god feats as the others in her tier but shes way over any in that lower tier when it comes to quality face offs. It's just hard to rank a person who can be argued as hanging with current Xavier as tier then the others up there.

Really though it's a bit of an issue because arguing Exodus, Rachel and Classic Xavier are in the same tier as current Psylocke, Mantis and empty hype like Stryfe is a bit of a divide in that omega class tier.

Hmm I'd maybe argue God Cable being higher. Need to dissect his feat in comparison to Phoenix and Surfer TP feats.

Otherwise I'm satisfied

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@koays: Well that was also my problem, putting Emma in a different tier than classic Xavier, Exodus, and Rachel

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Who is a more powerful telepath, Jean or Emma Frost ? From what I have read it seems Jean is the better of the two, but an eXpert´s opinion would be nice.

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@thor_parker82: Stronger and Better are very different answers. Jean is easily stronger then Emma is. Emma however has more skill feats then everyone short of Xavier and is generally portrayed as the most competent telepath here.

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@koays said:

@thor_parker82: Stronger and Better are very different answers. Jean is easily stronger then Emma is. Emma however has more skill feats then everyone short of Xavier and is generally portrayed as the most competent telepath here.

You just made it more confusing haha.

Who is the more powerful telepath between the two ? If they were to have a strictly telepathy fight who would win ?

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@elpendejo: The thing is that Exodus, Classic Xavier an Rachel can be scaled to eachother. While Emma can be scaled at or over Exodus in his best modern fight. Its not a tier of difference, but if you drew a line between that group of four and only took one to the next level it would be Emma.

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@thor_parker82: Lol when we argue telepaths we usually separate power and skill showings, that's what I was getting at.

More then likely Jean. Shes comparably skilled but a tier stronger then Emma. But by feats Emma makes her work for

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Good list

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#17 Posted by cosmic_reign (3516 posts) - - Show Bio


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Nice list. I think Exodus is borderline Tier one though. He beat Jean before and could have beaten Xavier at one point. But I like the list nice Job....

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@koays: I feel like classic Xavier would at least be at current Emma’s level though. I’d also put Psylocke a tier below her current. I haven’t seen much skill improvement from her.

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You guys chill. I haven't even put in the real list with feats. This is a place holder.

Now, the tier placement is kind of a combination of psychic skill shown, fights against other telepaths, Big feats and a sense of their placing in Comics (someone calling them one of the top 5 Telepaths, or one of the strongest Telepaths or other).

Let's wait before we turn this into PSI war version 7

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@koays said:

@elpendejo: The thing is that Exodus, Classic Xavier an Rachel can be scaled to eachother. While Emma can be scaled at or over Exodus in his best modern fight. Its not a tier of difference, but if you drew a line between that group of four and only took one to the next level it would be Emma.

I agree with this, I'll add my reasons once I post, think I'll start with the Cosmic Tier today.

Just want to warn you guys, I'll try to make it as unbiased as possible, but I'll probably end up ranking my favorite characters (Martha, Monet) at the top of the list

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Had no idea Cosmo would be ranked so high, can’t wait to see feats.

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@phillip33: My reason for Cosmo being high was mostly scaling off Warlock and Mantis, but after I post, I'm open to corrections and suggestions so that the list can be revised.

Warlock is hard though, most of his feats kind of blur between soul and telepathy. But since the X-telepaths and some others like Shadow king have been shown to affect souls, I used then as feats.

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@koays said:

@thor_parker82: Lol when we argue telepaths we usually separate power and skill showings, that's what I was getting at.

More then likely Jean. Shes comparably skilled but a tier stronger then Emma. But by feats Emma makes her work for

Didn't they had some kind of telepathy fight during Morrison's run ? I remember something like that, and Jean won easily IIRC.

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@thor_parker82: Yea, she dragged her. But that was with a questionable Phoenix amp.

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Nice list :) Is this base on power or power + skill

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#28 Posted by del_torro (3634 posts) - - Show Bio

Yeah, so this is probably going to take way longer than a month to complete

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Nice very good.

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@aqualion0: what do you think?

It's quite unfinished,(honestly losing the energy to finish it)

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@aqualion0: what do you think?

It's quite unfinished,(honestly losing the energy to finish it)

Surfer and Savior Cable should be on same tier.

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@aqualion0: Cable doesn't have any telepathic feats on Silver Surfers level.

Being connected to every mind on earth isn't enough to put him up there. The wraith Queen was telepathically Reading the minds of billions of her people continuously for years and Silver surfer stomped her.

Gamemaster has been reading every mind on earth for years but Jean grey took him down.

Cable has a lot of hype but few feats, without his hype, I'd move him lower.

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Although he doesn't have many feats I still think that Cable is on par with Surfer. I mean , if Surfer actually had better TP than Cable why didn't he took battle on astral plane or use TP to shut him down?

Gallery image 1Gallery image 2Gallery image 3Gallery image 4Gallery image 5Gallery image 6Gallery image 7Gallery image 8

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@aqualion0: just because he didn't use telepathy in the fight, doesn't mean that he couldn't. It's like Nate grey Vs Holocaust or Exodus Vs Holocaust.

Holocaust doesn't have great telepathy defenses, and has been affected by Sage (and I think Psylocke), but to give a fight, the writers don't let them Exodus or Nate use telepathy to fight him, they try to use telekinesis.

That fight against Surfer was high level telekinesis, no telepathic attacks, no astral battle, no psychic traps. We can't really use it to scale Cable to Surfer.