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In case the publishers/studios of these characters would go bankrupt and the creators had to decide to go to either marvel or dc. Which has your preference?



The Incredibles

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles


The Darkness



Judge Dredd

The Atomics

The Crow

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DC: Hellboy, TMNT, The Darkness, Judge Dredd, X and the Crow

Marvel: Spawn, The Darkness, The Incredibles, Darkman, Invincible and The Atomics

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Well, that's a tough one. DC used to have a more strictly defined supernatural universe with Vertigo, but now that Constantine is in the main U, alongside the other characters, it's become far more mundane. So there's really not much of a distinction between the two companies, so I'll just go with my preference.

The Crow: DC, 'cause I think the whole punk thing could be worked into a Constantine story.

The Atomics: Zany and good ol'fashioned optimistic heroes are DC's thing, so, yeah. DC here as well.

X: Too similar to Wolverine & Moon Knight, so I guess DC, as they could use another hyper-violent vigilante.

Judge Dredd: Marvel loves them some distopian futures, so Marvel.

Invincible: On one hand, it's got the "real problems" aspect of Marvel characters, but on the other it fits the DC universe more. So, dunno, it's a toss up. Probably DC, so that we may get some Vultrumite-Kryptonian connection or something.

The Darkness: Marvel, easily. I'd love to see Jackie go against Ghost Rider and become what the Hood should've been to the MU.

Darkman: Eh, I don't know much about him, but I think DC could, like The Crow, add him to the JonCon supporting cast.

TMNT: Well, there is the nod of them being a result of the same accident that blinded Daredevil, so... Marvel.

The Incredibles: On one hand, they're a Disney property. On the other, they fit the DC U better, so... DC.

Hellboy: Marvel, purely because I want to see him share WW2 Adventures with Cap, and Demon-Hunts with Ghost Rider.

Spawn: Marvel, just so that he can hang around the rest of the Marvel bad-asses like Moon Knight & Ghost Rider.

So, to recap:

DC: Crow, Atomics, X, Invincible, Darkman, Incredibles.

Marvel: Judge Dredd, Darkness, TMNT, Hellboy, Spawn.

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DC: TMNT, Spawn, Hellboy, X, The Darkness & Judge Dredd

Marvel: Incredibles, Darkman, Invincible, The Atomics & The Crow.

I literally gave DC the dark heroes and in my experience they write them so much better. I thought Marvel should get one so gave them the Crow. Was just a random giving, could of easily have given them X.
Read a few crossovers and The Darkness had much better crossovers with the DC characters than the marvel ones. Hellboy would work great as a monster hunter with DC. Imagine Hellboy Vs Etrigan or what Constantine and him could get up to. TMNT being friendly with Batman which meant Batman Vs Shredder. Come on.

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All I care about is Michelangelo meeting Wally West lol.

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Well right now I think DC would be the best place for them all to go Marvel is currently a dumpster fire and I think most of them would just fit in with DC better anyway,