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Hi, I am relatively new to comics. I have general knowledge of the x-men and the marvel universe. I recently came across the uncanny X-men and the All-new X-men but I cannot figure out which one I should read. I really like the artwork of the uncanny x-men, but I would like to read the series that keeps the originality of the x-men genre. I dont care much for new mutants or anything like that. Any suggestions on which series is better would be greatly appreciated.


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If you're looking for originality, you should probably get All New X Men. It's following the 5 original X Men in the future. I enjoyed even though I don't like most of the X Men. Also you should try get Savage Wolverine and Wolverine. Two great X related titles.

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Why not both?

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One thing I hate about Uncanny X-Men is the art.

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@sagejonathan: well if ur looking for some good art work u have to go with all new x-men issue 12 have my fav work beautiful work on both the x men and the uncanny avengers.

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Why do people not like Chris Bachalo's or Humberto Ramos' art? I do not understand. ( + )

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Hey, could I have a followback please?