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We still have more articles for our current Character of the Month, John Stewart, on the way, but the time has come to decide who will receive a full month of love in March. Well, in this case, we're talking about characters of the month. For the latest theme, we had voters pick between popular rogues galleries. Spider-Man and Flash's villains received a lot of love, but it wasn't enough to take down the Dark Knight's iconic group of foes. If you're not happy with the result, Magneto has a piece of advice for you: "Well, maybe you should have fought harder for them!"

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Since an entire group is taking the title next month, this means we'll be able to offer way more variety with our articles. We can highlight specific characters, offer more options when we look at covers and stories, and this means the Battle of the Week can feature a different Batman villain each and every time. As always, we'll try to get an editorial or two out there as well.

As for the poll, it was only a relatively close race between the top three options. Unfortunately, the other three didn't receive a whole lot of love. Like, at all. You can add up all of their votes and it still doesn't reach the amount of votes the Scarlet Speedsters' villains received!

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If you want to, you can begin the Batman rogues gallery celebration right away! We encourage you to say why you think the fiends are awesome, share some awesome images of them, and we absolutely want to hear some Battle of the Week ideas!

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I'm not sure how this is going to fit into my list of CotMs.

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But YAY! Batman has the best rouges gallery.


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Bring on Bane!

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Meh, a win is a win. Prepare for the oncoming Bat hate.

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Bane and Deadshot vs Cap and Hawkeye

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Should be great.

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*sigh* I am tired of Batman.

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Clayface vs $hithead from "Wanted". Outcome they merge to form "$hitface".

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Haters gonna hate

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Wolverine, Capt. America, and Superman mostly have boring foes, guaranteeing the other three would get the majority of the votes. Likewise Batman has some of the most iconic rogues, guaranteeing it'd be another Bat month.

If another rogues gallery month were to be chosen, I think Daredevil, Hulk, Hal Jordan would be more interesting picks.

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I'm not even mad.. but really.. I wanted Flash rogues to have the spotlight.

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I actually wanted supe's villians to win. I'm so used to seeing street level characters in the battle of the week.. With the exception of GL

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Please do something with Lady Shiva please and thank you.

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A parade of the most over used and over rated characters in comics! :D

I guess I'll suggest some stuff.

Maybe do a highlight of the best Riddler puzzles?

Killer Croc vs Thing

Black Cat vs Cat Woman

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Would kinda prefer someone other than Batsy get the spotlight, but hey, I'm down for some Bat-baddies.

My Top 3:

1. Riddler

2. Scarecrow

3. Mr. Freeze

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Time for them to steal the spot light ? What was past twenty some odd years then ?

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Scarecrow vs. Mr. Fear (Cranston)

Firefly vs. Firefly (GI Joe)

Poison Ivy vs. Typhoid Mary

Joker and Harley Quinn vs. Crossbones and Sin

Bane (venomless) vs. Wilson Fisk

Two-Face vs. Jigsaw

Ras al Ghul vs. Baron Helmut Zemo

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Always dc. Let's have some marvel, TMNT. Heck even walking dead character spotlight would be better. I like dc but c'mon let's try something different. I thought t'challa would finally break the streak but the most boring green lantern beat him. Ok so I'm might be going overboard but seriously let's try something different.

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Well it was expected that the victory was theirs, since here has a strong tendency towards DC and even more if relates the Batman was to be expected his victory, I really wanted the Flash or the Spider had won, will we ever return to see any Marvel character as the character of the month?

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Oh, yeah!

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I want a talon battle at least

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Top 3



-Black Mask

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Thank goodness. If anyone needs more exposure its Batman and his rogues.

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ScarCrow vs Joker

Joker(Arkham Origins) Vs Green Goblin

Jason Todd vs Maverick

Jason Todd vs Winter Soldier

Jason Todd vs Catman

Black Spider vs Shocker9
Joker(Nolanverse) Vs Bane (Nolanverse)

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Bane vs. Wilson Fisk

Ra's Al Ghul & League of Shadows vs. Shredder & The Foot Clan - An not just a bunch of scrubs either as their support/army, but also their notable members an all.

Lady Shiva vs. Elektra

Gotham City Sirens vs. 3 of the Marvel Divas (Black Cat, Hell Cat, and Firestar)

Firefly vs. Jack O'Lantern

Killer Croc & Man-Bat vs. Sabretooth and Feral

Black Spider vs. Night Thrasher

All I can think of ATM.

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I'm okay with the result. I mean, who doesn't love Batman's rogues gallery. However, I have say I was rooting for a Marvel character's villains to take it (specifically Cap's). We've had like four DC characters in a row.

@edgejohn said:

Haters gonna hate

Shouldn't you be one of those haters? Last I checked, you hate everything DC. This should be like Armageddon to you.

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Just to toss one more out there,

Victor Zsasz vs. Rorschach.

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*holds up bullhorn so every whiner and complainer can hear* Well maybe someone non-DC or non-Batman would win if you fought harder for that to happen. *drops bullhorn and walks away*

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Deadshot and Harley vs Hawkeye and Mockingbird

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Great, DC



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@zeeguy91: his name is "Aquaman is the best" how can he be a hater of DC?

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Bane vs Kingpin

Clayface vs Sandman ( duh )

Joker vs Harley Quinn

Harley Quinn vs Joker's Daughter


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As long as Firefly,Black Mask,Scarecrow and Killer Moth get a battle or at least a mention that's good for me also............Court of Owls Battle of the Week make it happen CV. and Riddler vs Purple Man and Ra's Al Ghul vs Baron Zemo and last but not least Joker vs Red Skull hey why not a battle of comic's two most psychotic and evil bastards

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Bane vs Hulk (stongman vs strongman)

Mr. Freeze vs Iceman (ice powers vs ice powers)

Joker vs Carnage (crazy vs crazy)

Lady Shiva vs The Mandarin (martial artist vs martial artist)

I think Batfans will truly appreciate these matchups.

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WHy was Wolverine's villain list even nominated??

how many villains does he even have that aren't really just X-men villains?

I would've at least nominated Green Lantern Villains