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What are your opinions on the new Man of Steel movie? I haven't seen it yet, so please don't spoil it! From what I've read online, people either love it or hate it. I personally am really looking forward to seeing it. It looks like an exciting and different take on the origin of Superman.

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If you're expecting a film like the Christopher Reeve films you won't like it. If you want to see Superman in a real world setting in modern day you'll love it simple as that.

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If you're expecting a film like the Christopher Reeve films you won't get like it. If you want to see Superman in a real world setting in modern day you'll love it simple as that.


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I enjoyed it.

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Best movie ever! I'm dead serious!

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Depending on your idea of what a superhero is you'll ether love it or hate it

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It was ok. Nothing special but if you've got some time and money to kill its worth watching. They have overdone the CGI in it though so if you're one of these people who doesn't like excessive CGI i'd steer clear.

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Man of steel had the greatest action sequences i have ever seen. However, the movie on a whole was not bad nor was it excellent. It will feel a little rushed and over-the-top at times and it's going to be darker then you would have expected but don't worry it's not 'dark night' dark. Asides from all of that I really enjoyed the film and it is extremely action-packed and even has some touching scenes. And the soundtrack is awesome!

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It was decent.

Certainly no Dark Knight or Avengers but a solid movie nonetheless. Although the way they kept stopping to monologue in the middle of battle got annoying.

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I found it ... SUPER

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best CMB I've ever seen!

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Best Superman movie ever that's my thought

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I'd say it's a above average. Then again I do tend to enjoy movies more when I see them in theaters so my opinion won't be solidified until I see it on DvD.

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@fojtikbt: Okay, here's my honest opinion. It's a solid 8 out of 10 . All of the actors did very well in their roles, the action scenes were great, especially Superman's battle with Faora and who I assume was Jax-Ur. However, you will hear that the film was choppy, and it was, many scenes kinda just went from one moment to the next. Also, there wasn't much character development, but considering how it ended, and how there WILL be a sequel, I expect more to be covered in Mos 2. Overall, great film, and I'm seeing it again tomorrow.

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It's a great movie with some minor flaws but a must see

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I really, really liked it. Much better than Avengers IMO (but then, I didn't really like that movie). I'm generally not a fan of villains, but Zod grew on me. Well-played, with some very good motivations. Superman was also very well done.

Of course there are some weak spots, but I really have NO idea how it's gotten so many bad reviews. Though, it's been very, VERY long since I've seen the old Superman movies, so it might just be that I'm coming fresh to the movie.