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Magic and psychic powers operate differently in different verses, so the question is pointless. However, the most powerful users of magic or psychic powers use are basically reality warping nigh-omnipotent cosmic beings who can do anything with them, so both their power and versatility are ultimately end up the same, so again, kind of pointless

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Its a tricky subject IMO because Magic is one of those things that is not ever define well in allot of situation. You would think in a battle that a psychic would be immediately be able to shut off the magic wielders brain and everything is done the psychic wins. but some magic wielders have mental resistance, charms, and wards ect. to make a psychic ability useless or on level with each other to become a battle of the mind and or wills. however allot of psychic not all but allot evolve to have the ability to wield the ability to alter reality. This also the is same of the magic wield as well (at least the really strong ones). case in point the House of M story I think does a good example of psychic versus magic type situation. what I am saying is alot of time psychic and magic wields almost get equal footing when they become extremely powerful other time were its hard to say. Like Jean grey, Rachael summers and Cable or Scarlett witch, Dr, Strange