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Alright guys, sometime superheroes are just too overpowered, so I am making my own. Mine is female and can fly, has durability, strength, and the ability to adhere to anything with her skin. That makes picking up stuff a lot easier. Here's the catch..........each one of her powers burns out after a minute of use. They recharge when not being utilized. This makes her have limits, even though she is super powered, and forces her to actually use caution when doing dangerous stuff. In her case, she can sense how much time she has left for each of her powers, she's never surprised.

How do you guys think she would fare in a typical superhero world? Other facts about her personality wise she is astute, calm under pressure, and is a no nonsense kinda gal.

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Kind of like Ben 10 with powers.

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@YourNeighborhoodComicGeek said:

Kind of like Ben 10 with powers.

Kinda what I was thinking.