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Alright if you had to pick a hero to be wich one would you chose... Luke Cage or J2 and Why ?

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Luke Cage.

Luke has a hot wife. A beautiful daughter. Doesn't wear a costume, and I would never want to wear a costume... Luke has an "Every Man" quality about him that I appreciate.

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Cage. Streetest superhero in the MU. And Jessica Jones!

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Ummm... this is a hard one. Lets see... Luke's powers. "Possesses superhuman strength which allows him to lift up to 25 tons. He has considerable stamina which allows him to perform strenuous work without taxing himself for extended periods of time. Also has nigh impenetrable skin, which can protect him from high caliber bullets, knife wounds, and powerful explosions. His durability is great enough for him to withstand blows from opponents possessing great superhuman strength." J2's powers " Has the ability to turn into the form of J2. In this form J2 is invulnerable and super strong. He can approximately lift (bench) 75 tons. As a result of being Juggernauts son, J2 has the ability to become unstoppable when he starts to run. Unfortunately he can only be in this form for about one hour until he uncontrollably changes in to his Zane Yama form." So ill probubly go for... Luke. 2 reasons... 1) He is more populer and cooler. 2) Jessica Jones.... ok …3) I like Luke more.

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I'm going to be the oddball here and say J2... becoming an unstoppable force of destruction for an hour at a time sounds good to me.

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Luke Cage

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Wow ok so far the count is... Luke 5 and J2 1. Poor Jugg Jr LOL.

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Luke Cage because I don't like wearing flannels around my waist.

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luke cage great powers, no corny costume he has a hot wife jessica jones. he's a hero for hire and an avenger. i rather have unbreakable skin along with super strength, stamina and hot wife.