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Posted by modernww2fare (5132 posts) 6 months, 6 days ago

Poll: Luke Cage or Iron Fist: Best first season (52 votes)

Luke Cage 50%
Iron Fist 48%
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#1 Posted by AngelJax (3151 posts) - - Show Bio

IF for sure

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#3 Posted by TheAmazingSpidey (14141 posts) - - Show Bio

Luke Cage.

Iron Fist is shit. This is coming from an MCU fanboy.

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#4 Posted by Supermanwithatan01 (8143 posts) - - Show Bio

Iron Fist. Luke was definitely more popular and culturally supported because the show and way it was done was absolutely necessary. However Iron Fist was more laid back and the story was better (even though it's done all the time). Plus... Madam Gao.

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#5 Posted by LordWhiskers (731 posts) - - Show Bio

Both are garbage.

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#6 Posted by ImMadNice (711 posts) - - Show Bio

Halfway through and Luke cage is better through 6 episodes. LC was a 9 through 6 episodes for me, Iron Fist has been an 8. However, Luke Cage went downhill fast from episode 6 and on. Hopefully iron fist doesn't do the same

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#7 Posted by buildhare (6538 posts) - - Show Bio

Luke Cage was crap for the most part, Iron Fist had a few dull moments but was otherwise awesome.

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#8 Posted by PeterParkerJr (6710 posts) - - Show Bio

Luke Cage for sure.

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#9 Posted by DSTREET45 (3575 posts) - - Show Bio
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That being said I'm not sure. There were things I liked and disliked for both shows. While I thought the second half of LC was still watchable it wasn't as good as the fist half. Plus Diamondback made terrible decisions as the supposed main villain and was just too hammy. But I did like the supporting cast, Luke's background (well outside of the church scene), and how he was helping out the people Harlem one pimp slap at a time.

Iron Fist was pretty good as I expected it to be. I felt that some part got a little dull but that wasn't really for long. Better action scenes for sure though.

Might side with Iron Fist but I might wait until I watch it again.

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#10 Edited by AlphaQ (4711 posts) - - Show Bio

So far in Iron Fist I preferred IF, but Luke Cage is probably the objectively better piece.

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#11 Posted by RBT (14870 posts) - - Show Bio

Neither were good, but IF by a decent margin. At least characters are interesting.

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#12 Posted by King_Nomarch (1860 posts) - - Show Bio

Luke Cage by far.

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#13 Posted by buttersdaman000 (20055 posts) - - Show Bio

Luke Cage was pretty good up until they killed off Cottonmouth. I can't really say the same for Iron Fist. It's been consistently mediocre since the first episode. There are really good moments, but for the most part it's written and acted like it belongs on ABC or the CW.

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#14 Posted by Mutant1230 (2445 posts) - - Show Bio

Luke Cage Season 1 A >>>>>>> Iron Fist >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Luke Cage Season 1 B

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#15 Posted by TheSuperor (5165 posts) - - Show Bio

Luke Cage was crap for the most part, Iron Fist had a few dull moments but was otherwise awesome.


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#16 Posted by Juan913 (33 posts) - - Show Bio

I think that Luke Cage had the better first season. Marvel did what they did best in this series; they made the subjects relatable to the modern day audience. It's no secret that African Americans don't usually get the attention they deserve comic book movies/series these days. But Luke Cage did a great job of bringing up modern day issues of African Americans growing up in urban areas. Marvel Studios found a way to take these sensitive issues and make it work for the betterment of the series.

Iron Fist on the other hand, did no such thing. It was your typical Billionaire turned superhero plot. There were some twists and turns along the way, but they did very little to make the fans relate to the character more, or enjoy the experience altogether.

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#17 Posted by NewWorldOrder (1776 posts) - - Show Bio

Iron Fist.

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#18 Posted by HeroUp2112 (12374 posts) - - Show Bio

I wanted to like Luke Cage so bad, I was HYPED for Luke Cage, and it really wasn't bad, but I can't say I wasn't sort of disappointed.

I wasn't expecting much out of Iron Fist, at all, but it turned out to be pretty decent, not awesome, but actually pretty good.

So Iron Fist gets the vote.

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#20 Posted by NightSky86 (191 posts) - - Show Bio

Cottonmouth alone is better than where I'm up to in Iron Fist (episode 8)

For real though so far Luke Cage is just better: better acting, more compelling story, less pacing issues, more fleshed out characters, I could go on, Iron Fist isn't bad, it's just a little above decent

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#22 Edited by Spambot (8086 posts) - - Show Bio

LC is slightly better imo. None of the IF villains really stood out as good. Madame Gao has some potential but the way they are using her just isn't doing much atm. Harold Meachum was ok but the final fight between him and Danny was pretty bad imo. Davos is horrible imo. Budako or w/e his name is is ok, nothing to write home about. I felt like all the LC villains were pretty good except for Diamondback who even though he was over the top he was sort of fun. IF was very much rushed it seems so they could start filming Defenders and it showed quite a bit. Nothing about IF really stood out as beyond good which is kind of sad to say but I have higher hopes for s2 when Finn has had more time to train and the writing/choreography seems more polished.

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#23 Edited by Superhero24 (3195 posts) - - Show Bio

Luke Cage and Iron Fist are opposites in a way. Luke Cage was amazing in the beginning, while Iron Fist was better in the second half of the season in my opinion. Luke Cage was better for me by a decent margin. Luke Cage second half of the show was much better than the first half of Iron Fist.

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#24 Posted by Jonez_ (10761 posts) - - Show Bio


DD s1 > JJ = DD s2 > Luke Cage > Iron Fist

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#25 Edited by mrmonster (4692 posts) - - Show Bio

Definitely Luke Cage

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#27 Posted by Perses (33 posts) - - Show Bio

Luke Cage had several great episodes, Iron Fist had maybe one or two decent episodes.

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#28 Posted by Ready_4_Madness (8355 posts) - - Show Bio

Iron Fist edges it despite the fact that him flipping over a car is probably the corniest thing I've ever seen.