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I just started getting back into comics after a 25 year break and I'm having trouble finding stuff that I like.  I'm wondering if there is a website that will help match my tastes with books I haven't read yet.  Something like Netflix "If you liked X, you might like X" but for comics.  Maybe a place where I can say I like David Finch's art and it'll suggest other artists with similar styles.  Or Kevin Smith's writing to similar writers.  Anything like that exist?

If not, maybe you all can suggest a few.  Here's what I'm reading and like:

Moon Knight, love the artwork and dark style
Daredevil, Kevin Smith's writing is great
Green Arrow: Quiver, Kevin Smith again and I like the art too
The Boys
Astonishing X-men, Joss Whedon's writing is great

I've taken a few stabs at unknowns to me and liked:
Titanium Rain

Any suggestions?  Thanks.
Oh, and whatever happened to Groo the Wanderer?  :)