List of Golden Age superheroines.

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Out of curiosity, I decided to build a list of Golden Age female superheroes and this is the list so far. Feel free to point out anyone I missed:

1939 - Crimson Rider, Magician from Mars

1940 - Alice of the Winged People, Black Widow (Timely Comics), Fantomah, Invisible Scarlet O'Neil, Lady Luck, Mighty Woman, Miss X, Red Tornado, Woman in Red

1941 - Black Cat, Black Widow (Holyoke Publishing), Blue Lady, Bulletgirl, Flame Girl, Hawkgirl, Kitten, Lady Fairplay, Lady Satan (Harry 'A' Chesler), Madame Strange, Margo the Magician, Miss America (Quality Comics), Miss Fury, Miss Victory, Nelvana of the Northern Lights, Owl Girl, Pat Patriot, Phantom Lady, Ranger Girl, Rocketgirl, Silver Scorpion, Spider Queen, USA the Spirit of Old Glory, Wildfire, Wonder Woman

1942 - Black Angel, Girl Commandos, Liberty Belle, Lightning Girl, Mary Marvel, Señorita Rio, Spider Widow, The Wing

1943 - Black Orchid (Harvey Comics), Lady Satan (Harvey Comics), Miss America (Timely Comics), Miss Patriot, Superwoman

1944 - Black Orchid (Consolidated Book Publishers), Black Venus, Catgirl, Diana the Huntress, Dotty Whirlwind, Miss Espionage, Purple Tigress, Spider Woman, Veiled Avenger, Will O' The Wisp

1945 - Comandette, Firehair, Freckles Marvel, Mysta of the Moon, Polka-Dot Pirate, Yankee Girl (Four Star Publications)

1946 - Blonde Phantom, Flame, Futura, Golden Girl (Spark Publications), Magga the Magnificent, Miss Fear, Miss Masque

1947 - Acromaid, Atoma, Black Canary, Electro Girl, Iron Lady, Marvel Maid, Moon Girl, Namora, Phantom Maid, Undercover Girl, Vampire, Yankee Girl (Harry 'A' Chesler)

1948 - The Cat, Elektra, Gimmick Girl, Golden Girl (Timely Comics), Sun Girl, Venus

1949 - Two-Gun Lil

1950 - The Avenging Plainswoman, Calamity Kate, Starlight, TNT Tina

1951 - Black Phantom, Corsair Queen, Doll Girl

1952 - Galaxy Gals

1953 - Sri Asih, Zina of Koroka

1954 - Princess Bintang, Tomboy