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Poll: Is Thor: The Dark World over-hated? (40 votes)

Yes 35%
No 65%

5 years later, do you find this film to be over-hated?

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No, some still say they like it.

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#2 Posted by Lan_Fan (11899 posts) - - Show Bio

I think so.

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it's a piece of shit and a reminder that TV directors have no idea how to direct an actual movie

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Off topic fun fact: This movie was originally supposed to be directed by Patty Jenkins, and it probably would've been better if it had. At least she got the chance to make Wonder Woman.

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What? it's my favorite Thor movie how is it possible that people dislike it

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#7 Posted by Farkam (11965 posts) - - Show Bio

its utter trash

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It's got issues but it's not a total loss.

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I enjoyed it a lot. Definitely better than the first one.

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I really don't like the movie but I don't hate it. It is still watchable in a "time to marathon the mcu again" kinda way, however, Jane's idiot friends can get thanos snapped for all I care and never return.

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Loki scenes are the best thing in this movie.

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No. It’s awful. In my opinion, it’s the worst MCU movie.

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Well, I didn't know it's bad until Comic Vine told me so.

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#16 Posted by ITouchedTheBoat (3230 posts) - - Show Bio

no it's just justifiably ignored and rightfully forgettable

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@foxerdes said:

Well, I didn't know it's bad until Comic Vine told me so.

Honestly though. The only thing I don't like about the movie is Darcy in general and Erik Selvig going looney.

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@simppa: How tf is this your favorite Thor movie????

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Nope garbage.

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Worst MCU movie.

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#21 Posted by BullPR (5526 posts) - - Show Bio


I really liked it.

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Well I was so bored watching it, so no.

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Worst MCU movie. About MoS level of boring.

So no, not over-hated.

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It's not overhated, it's a bad movie. To put it in perspective, it's worse than every DCEU movie, guess which ones actually get hate though

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#26 Posted by deactivated-5bae6e10f11f4 (1106 posts) - - Show Bio


It’s not

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#27 Posted by deactivated-5bc8daab15c82 (452 posts) - - Show Bio

Yeah, it's over-hated.

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#28 Posted by Kevd4wg (10859 posts) - - Show Bio

2nd worst MCU movie

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#29 Posted by ANTHP2000 (22997 posts) - - Show Bio

It wasn't that bad.

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I liked it...Asgard actually felt threatened this time...Loki twist at the end was great...black hole grenades...overall solid film.

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#31 Posted by deactivated-5ba40b3bbbeee (35 posts) - - Show Bio

It's not a bad film.

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No, It's just nothing to go on about. (In my opinion)

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Thought it had some cool fights and visuals

Portman, interns, pantsless selvig, tripods, malekith, all terrible

Everything on Asgard was great but once you got to earth it was terrible...

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When people compare it to suicide squad and BVS, that's when I start thinking it's over-hated.

The movie wasn't Avengers quality, but it was coherent and entertaining. I get the hate for Portman and Dennings little group, but Malekith wasn't the worst villain we've ever seen.

IMO though, every bad movie is a little over-hated. People dramatize their feelings for films most of the time, so when somebody slams BVS or this movie for instance, for a non-sensical reason, it's hard not to say something.

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#36 Posted by deactivated-5bc57690a1c7d (908 posts) - - Show Bio

It was meh.

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It's just forgettable.