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@maccyd said:

@deaditegonzo: Myself, I'd say how they use said knowledge if speaking about intelligence in general. Really though there are multiple types of intelligences so I'll just say each characters specializes in a different one.

Fair enough, I see it basically the same way as far how knowledge is applied being the best indicator.

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I think the Justice League is a great idea. The two best things that come with teamwork are accountability and companionship. Being the do-it-all guy or girl gets kind of lonely, especially if that task involves taking care of the whole world. Sure, Superman alone could fly around the world on a daily basis and reduce the global crime rate by an insane percentage. How long would it take for him to get lonely, though? What happens when he starts intertwining his personal views into his actions? Having a full Justice League helps each member hold each other accountable for their actions. They correct each other when they're wrong, prevent them from making regrettable decisions, and force themselves to show their A-game every time they go out into the world. Plus, going solo for a long time can make you go a little crazy, especially when the workload is difficult. Contrary to popular belief, these are superheroes. They're not gods. They're just as fallible as everyone else. That's why having a Justice League is a great idea.

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Batman is the only one on the JL that serves no real purpose.

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The Justice League and the Avengers are both important to their respective companies, wish-fulfillment for fans of the companies' non-mutant flagship characters. However, when spin-off books are published ("West Coast Avengers," "Justice League Europe"), not only is the integrity of the primary title threatened, but the creators on the secondary title are usually not nearly as innovative as the teams on the primary book. I like Justice League Dark, but really, is "Justice League" necessary? The title could have been "Shadowpact" or something else that didn't ride the coattails of the other team's star and be as equally good.

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No. Not at all.

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@immortal777: Who'll think up the bat-tactics then with his bat-thinking?

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Batman is the only one on the JL that serves no real purpose.

Unfortunately true,New-52 Batman is absolutely useless to the JL,mission accomplished Johns.