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If not, what do you think tops it?

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Yes. The only one that even comes close is Infinity War's.

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Nothing can top this, when watching it for the first time I was blown away, and nothing has come close to the feels it gave me.

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The opening scene that I had the biggest emotional response to was Logan.

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Infinity wars opening imo is the best

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Infinity War

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It never was the best to me.

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Certainly up there.

The only ones that can rival it are Infinity War, X-Men 2 And Days Of Future Past.

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IW and TDKR are the only ones that come close.

Watchmen is cool as well.

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A very underrated one is Iron Man 1. It had a great beginning scene.

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X-men 2 Nightcrawler scene was great, along sith Watchmen and.... yeah got nothing that really tops it.

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I liked the BvS and IW openings.

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For me personally, it goes.


2: Infinity War

3: TDK

4: X-2

5: GOTG 2

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Infinity War opening is the best cbm scene ever.

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For all it's faults, I thought Captain America: Endgame had a wonderful opening scene.

Of course Ronin proceeded to do f*ck all, and killed like 4 Yakuzas and 5 Outriders even after being absent for the entirety of IW.

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First Class




Iron Man

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Yeah probably, That and X2,

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It's one of the best.

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Probably as a stand alone movie, but I would argue Infinity War's is better if you have seen every MCU movie beforehand.

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Iron Man 1 has my preferred opening scene, although these two are very close. I appreciate the Iron Man 1 opening for showing a realistic Afghanistan and military convoy, with AC/DC music and humorous dialogue, interrupted by a horrific battle shown from a civilian's (Tony Stark) perspective. It sets the whole scenario of Iron Man's origin with Tony Stark being captured by terrorists, and watching his weapons being used leads to Stark's character development, while TDK focused on Joker and not the movie's protagonist.

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IW is better actually but not by a huge margin

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IW's is better IMO.

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Only Infinity War, BvS and Days of the Future Past are even in the same stratosphere.

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Lol, it never was. X2's opening is better.

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This is probably the best opening scene in a CBM for me.

The Asgardian distress signal playing over the opening logo as opposed to the playful music we're accustomed to from previous movies... the "holy shit, this dude is powerful" impact of seeing Thanos kick Hulk's ass, and the death of Loki to seal Thanos as a legit threat. It does what any good opening should do: set the tone for the rest of the movie.

Other contenders:

  • Watchmen: It goes without saying that the opening action sequence is badass, and the opening credits are a beautiful example of visual storytelling, accompanied by perfect music choices.
  • Iron Man: People underrate the opening of this movie, but the first 5 minutes of this movie set the tone perfectly for the Tony Stark character, whose importance to the overall tone of the MCU cannot be understated. The use of AC/DC, and Tony's nonchalant attitude, abruptly disrupted by the explosions and terror, are perfect.
  • X-Men: First Class: Such an emotionally impactful, raw opening sequence. It does a wonderful job getting us to sympathise with Magneto in a way that feels visceral.
  • Captain America: The Winter Soldier: "On your left" is iconic, briefly followed by Captain America kicking ass on the ship. That scene established Cap as arguably the badass of the MCU, and set the tone for where the Russo's were taking this character.

The Dark Knight's opening is undoubtedly great, but I think all of these might be just as good, if not better, especially the Infinity War opening scene.

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The Dark Knight Rises

Infinity War

The Dark Knight


Bumblebee (If anyone counts it as a CBM)

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Infinity War, Man of Steel, Winter Soldier, Black Panther, Iron Man..... My Top 5, in no particular order.

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for me bvs warehouse scene will be the best ever

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@racob7: still bvs opening scene for me i just love that movie

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It's one of the best, but I can't call it undoubtedly the best.

One that I see is unmentioned in this thread is DOFP. It had a pretty amazing opening.