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Poll: Is Screw Attack Bias? (23 votes)

Yes 57%
No 30%
50/50 13%

In my most honest Opinion, they aren't Bias at all, the only people that sees them as bias are the Haters and Fanboys of loosing characters.

Sure they aren't 100% accurate with their research, but let's be honest here guys, is anyone actually 100% on point with these Vs Matches?. The answer is simple, No. Why no? Because characters are developed literally every week (mostly DC, Marvel and Manga characters). So for example Superman vs Goku. Screw attack did 2 Death Battles for these 2 great characters. The first battle had Goku at maximum SS4 because during that time, there was no such thing as Super Saiyan God and etc. So once there was, We were presented with Their rematch which had The God forms of Goku. See where I'm getting with this guys? Now with Darkseid vs Thanos, SA used Canon materials in this battle, key words "Canon Material", so therefore Heart of the Universe Thanos is out of the picture and basically anything non canon is out.

But I'm just going to leave it at that. I don't enjoy typing up too much cause most people would be bored reading such a long explanation.

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I don't think they really care enough to be bias. There primary goal is entertainment.

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Yes, they are.

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They are not bias they are crap

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They're trolls but not rly biased.

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Everyone is biased to who they like more just like everyone on this site is, they're just fans picking who they think wins fights based on their opinions. I don't get why everyone takes it so seriously their opinion is as valid as anyone on here.

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@jashro44 said:

I don't think they really care enough to be bias. There primary goal is entertainment.

This and they make mistakes on purpose just to rise controversy and gain more YT views.

@supermanthor said:

They are not bias they are crap


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Sounds like sour grapes coming from Thanos fans.

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Every bodies bias so it’s fine.