Is John Wick metahuman on durability?

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He is easily metahuman on attacking... but his durability?

John Wick 1;

He got beat up by numerous russian punks on his own house..

He had a lot cars crash damage..

He got shot seriously..

John Wick 2;

He got bomb attack by Santino on his own house.. He got really serious damage..

He got shot by Cassian and other assassins.. (Steel vest saved him)

He got stabbed by assassins.. (The same as the ones who shot him..)

He got beat by Cassian in first fight.. Cassian was far more dominant..

He got stabbed by Cassian in train..

He got stabbed by Ares..

John Wick 3;

He got beat up on library..

He got beat up by two assassins in fight.. (First times)

He got beat up by Zero in fight.. (First times)

He got shot by Sofia..

He got axe attack by Chinese punks.. (To his shoulder..)

He got shot by Winston seriously and fall from high.. (At least 3 bullets..)

He cut his finger..

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Nope, peak human level.

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First off, the term metahuman specifically refers to biologically enhansed beings, which is obviously not the case with Wick. Second, this stuff is not superhuman by any relevant fictional standards.

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A lot of live action peak humans have similar or better durability or pain tolerance.

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He is not even peak human by comic standards.

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His durability is definitely higher than most real humans by far, but if Batman and Captain America are still peak human then Wick doesn't come close to being metahuman.

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Durability level: action movie hero.