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I've only seen the first two episodes of the series. Is it okay to watch Outsiders without having seen the rest of the show?

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@solar_nerd: I wouldn't. The relationships between various characters and general character development that occurs over the course of the previous two seasons leading up to outsiders is something that shouldn't be missed. Especially when the focus is not on the main cast (Superboy, Miss Martian, Dick etc.) in season 3 since their characters have already been firmly established in previous episodes.

Not to mention certain plot points from previous seasons, especially season 2 remain relevant in season 3 even when the main plot-line of outsiders is doing its own thing. I mean, you can read the wiki for reference if you do want to skip the first two seasons, but watching everything that goes down in any series is always superior to just reading about the events via episode summaries..

Essentially, it would be like watching Infinity War after only seeing Iron Man 1 and Iron Man 2.

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Nope, I’m even rewatching season 1 & 2 before I watch the new one.

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Nope , you will be confused due to the time skip

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Definitely not.

I don't see why you wouldn't want to watch the first two seasons if watching it was an option

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No you would be confused as hell on several plot lines...

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You’d be alright. But you shouldn’t

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Ehh, you wouldn't be any more lost than you would at dropping in at season three of any other show; there's a lot you're not going to understand, or even be able to appreciate, from events to relationships to story elements, but you can still enjoy it.

I would advise watching seasons 1 and 2 tho

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It would be best if you would.

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Not really