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@uugieboogie: dude you should understand i was jokeing

My bad, it’s almost impossible to tell if someone is joking or being sarcastic on the internet.

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@morpheus_ said:
@anthp2000 said:
  • Shuri is the smartest person in Wakanda in the comics too, and the Dora Milaje exist and are the most elite in the comics too

Bullshit. They retconned that after giving the character a complete revamp to be tailored after the MCU version. T'Challa is the 8th smartest person in the world, Shuri is a random hothead.

Even if you're right, my point still stands. And I can just as easily say that in the MCU she's almost worthless in combat whereas in the comics she's undergone warrior training similar to T'Challa's.

What does, "even if I'm right" mean? I've read the comics Shuri has appeared in since she replaced T'Challa to be the Black Panther, she's not a teenage genius but a trained warrior of average intelligence who received the heart-shaped herb, like every Black Panther has before her. Right is what she used to be, left is what she is now:

Gallery image 1Gallery image 2

Much like Killmonger now has random markings on his body to look exactly like he did in the MCU. The point is that Shuri was never even remotely close to being the smartest person in Wakanda, it's like DC retconning Cassandra Cain into being smarter than Batman. A retcon that contradicts everything that came before it with Marvel pretending no one will notice - and it seems like it did.

On topic I don't remotely care if Carol is going to be stronger than Thor, Thanos or even Dormammu - my gripes with her are strictly limited to her comic book appearances. The MCU is its own thing.

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@supermanthor said:

@uugieboogie: dude you should understand i was jokeing

My bad, it’s almost impossible to tell if someone is joking or being sarcastic on the internet.

i can totally understand

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I think the big complaining is that Feige said she'd be the most powerful character seen thus far in the MCU, fans of the other characters don't like shilling. Of course, Feige only said that to hype her character which is a typical thing to do. If her movie does enough to show she earned her powers, like Thor did, then the complaints will go away.

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Gee, what a surprise, another character change to be more like its MCU counterpart. Although doubt many would notice the change really. Don't think she had that many fans before the movie.

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nah, im sure there are more hated heroes.

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According to whom?

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If you are a comicsgate supporter perhaps, though they target any female character and their writers that take over from or take a seat next to the big guys.


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Writers are generally far more hated then characters

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@supermanthor: I think that would come down to which Universe Thor.

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I don't think so. Generally the character is a fairly recent adition to the mainstream. For most people the upcoming mcu movie is more or less the introduction to her character and have at best a weak recollection of her being connected to rpgue in the old x-men cartoon. Then there are a few that watched earths mightiest heroes and avengers assemble, but I think she was comparatively minor in those as well. Comicvise she is not as popular as marvel wants her to be and bears the brunt of a lot of both the rightful criticism of marvels recent practoces and the irrational sjw paranoia hysteria from crybabies, but even prior to that she was just not very interesting or well written since civil war and secret invasion and the like and the fact that she was present at all was given how little really was done with her likely due to the company trying to slowly phase out or at least seperate the x-characters and therefore leaving none of the really popular female characters to put on the avengers.

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TBH if it weren't for the movie I woudn't even remember her existance.

The one I hate is Jane

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No, even around here more people hatred on Lady-Thor than Carol.

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