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Posted by CCThor (1532 posts) 4 months, 8 days ago

Poll: Is Aquaman overrated?or just lucky?or other complicate reason? (46 votes)

Yes. 4%
Overrated+Lucky=Billion+ box office. 26%
No,It's deserved. 65%
Other reason. 4%
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It's underrated. 7-7.5/10

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sounds like someones salty

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No, it's not overrated like Black Panther.

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I'm guessing you don't like it very much...

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No,I think it's good,but a billion is just too much.

I thought it at best should only a little bit better than wonder woman,and it's around 900M.

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No. I was entertained. I dig it.

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Overrated? It's barely over 60% on Rotten Tomatoes, and audiences flocked to see it because it was a fun movie, which it was.

It was appropriately rated.

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Seems about right to me. With the exception of it’s VFX’s, which are spectacular, it doesn’t do anything exceptional great..but at the same time, besides a few campy moments, it doesn’t do anything I would deem bad either. It’s your average run-of-the-mill cbm origin packaged with beautiful visuals to sell it, and guess what? Consumers bought it. ..it’s biggest win imo tho is completely turning around the Aquaman character in eyes of the masses. He’s no longer the a$$ end of jokes and puns to the general audience, which means they’ll come back for sequels, and viola; money for Warners.

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Just good marketing.

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Aquaman isn't even rated that high its not overrated like Black Panther or Wonder Woman

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Aquaman was fantastic in my opinion. It did exactly what it had to do. Provided amazing graphics, amazing action, and decent character development for Arthur. It is a movie you WANT to see and ENJOY watching. I think that DC needs to focus on what made AM so successful, and continue to follow that mold. DC is where I started, and I'm praying that their cinematic universe will finally bring forth what it is capable of bringing.

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It was great and it deserves what it earned.

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I disliked it+++

But I was not the targeted audience.

People who enjoyed it found it funny, entertaining, well balanced and with spectacular visuals.

So good for the movie good for Wan and Mamoa, even good for WODC and WB.

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@morgatu said:

It was great and it deserves what it earned.


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Why does it matter??? Ive seen more threads questioning the quality of this film because it reached a billion ..... just let the DC movie prosper without questioning it

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Another CBM flick nothing more than that

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Stupid, salty and pointless.

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It wasn't "great" but it was good. The same thing I've always said about The Avengers. I guess if forced, I think The Avengers was a little better. But Aquaman has the luxury of not being deemed the "most amazing thing ever put on film" tag The Avengers got at the time it was released. So, The Avengers is not seen the same way now as it was back in 2012. Most folks have a lower opinion of it now compared to then, though most will still like it. Aquaman is just seen as a good time at the movies, period. 6 years from now, it'll be thought of the same way. What I'm saying is if The Avenges can make billion, then why not Aquaman? BTW, it's certainly not "lucky". I remember hearing on many a Youtube channel that it's Holiday release date was going to doom it, thanks to all the competition it would get.

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No, does everything have to be overrated I’m this world?

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In what universe is Aquaman overrated!

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Most likely due being a new refreshing idea the common person haven’t seen before but it’s no dark knight or anything

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BP was overrated

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It was a fun movie with good visuals which equals good word of mouth. It was lucky? you can’t really hit a billion by luck.

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People seem to forget Aquaman has steadily risen in public standing. Superfriends was a LONG time ago. With Justice League, Young Justice, several animated films including one dedicated to his canon, Injustice, and video games, Aquaman definitely went from "I'd never watch a movie about Aquaman" to "I'd watch it, I'm curious"

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Overrated? I don't think that word means what you think it means.

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It's likes a transformers movie done right. A visual spectacle with likeable characters

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it was looooooooong af tho...