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Let's all toss in our theories and later on when IW2 is released, revisit this thread to see who got it right.

And who is the greatest of us all.

Try not to argue or rebuttal against someone else's theories.

Don't respond to others theories or call them stupid or nonsensical cause we are all tossing in the blind here.

Try to make your posts as clear and concise, so that when it comes to specifics, you won't be like "see I was right!" When you say something vague.

E.g half of the people will be revived vs only people who were killed via the snap will be revived.

Try not to write elaborate stories.

But do try to put as many theories out as you can to make yourself stand out from the crowd.

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I'll go first.

The message was to Marvel was a message back in time.

People who were killed via the finger snap will be the only ones to be revived. The ones who died before or as a result of the finger snap, i.e a plane crash crashing into the building , won't be revived.

*The main roster to fight Thanos before the inevitable revivals will be the original Comic Avengers

Cap, ironman, Thor hulk, Hawkeye Black widow Antman and the wasp.

And this will be when cap says

"Avengers. Assemble"

We see celestial or other beings and races try and fight Thanos but to no avail.

Visions interface is kept alive in a defacto hard drive thanks to shuri

Their souls are merely housed in the soul stone Black panther will play a key role in helping people navigate being trapped in the soul stone or eventually help Gamora break the stone.

Cap and Ironman will finally die.

And my super wacky theory.

Antman and the wasp as a standalone movie will only consist of half the runtime of the movie. The other half is effectively a Infinity war 1.5

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My Theory:

Everybody who was turned into ash is pretty much on another plane of existence, not 100% dead.

Strange already seen the future and knew the outcome, which is why he initially gave up the time stone to thanos.

Stark and antman will develope a way to travel back in time and destroy the tesseract, or bring it back with them to the current timeline, re writing the future.

The original avengers will sacrifice themselves to bring everybody else back to life.

Captain marvel, thor and strange will probably be the ones to ultimately kill thanos. Thor chops off his hand(with the ig) and he either gets banished to another dimension or he gets killed.

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@themaximus: ah, yes. What do you think would have happened if thor had aimed for thanos head?

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@theredhood44: if it didnt kill him immediately then hed still do the snap before he dies.

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I like the reboot theory that fixing things creates a reality where X-Men and the F4 exist

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I think the people that got hakaied are gonna come back but not anyone who was straight up killed. I feel like doctor stranges master plan didn't involve losing half the universe so they should be coming back (also we need another spider man movie). As for the other people who were straight up killed, I think vision is the only with a chance of returning.

For the next movie I think the second string team kids gonna be loaded with power houses unlike the street level guys we had in this film. Iron man should be back along with hulk and thor. Its pretty much a given at this point that captain marvel will be joining the team, but I'm also hoping Adam warlock makes an appearance as well.

As for the ending/inevitable plot device, I cant see it just ending in a big ass fight where the heroes kill thanos and use the infinity stones to bring everyone back. My theory is that the infinity gauntlet will be destroyed in the end and the big plot device is going to be some sort of higher cosmic entity that brings everyone back in the name of the universe and blah blah blah.