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Infinity Gauntlet again?

I have been following Marvel for quite some time (almost thirty years now) and I really liked the original Infinity Gauntlet story. I even liked the two stories after that, though they weren't as good (Infinity War and Crusade). I have researched quite a bit, but I can't find out how the Infinity Gauntlet was able to be put back together (like what happened recently with the Hood and Iron Man using it in the end of that arch). Living Tribunal decreed (at the end of Infinity War) that the gems would never be able to work together again. I do understand the gems are very powerful by themselves, but they are not supposed to be able to work together at all.

With Iron Man using the gauntlet to make everyone think that the gems were destroyed (though it appears that the recent comics have forgotten that) it now looks like the Illuminati are looking for the Gem that Xavier had before he "died" (the Mind Gem) so they would be able to use them all together again. How is this possible? I have been able to find nothing that says that they are able to be used together again, but I may have missed it. Has there been a change in the Living Tribunal's decree or is it just writers forgetting what was written a long time ago?