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There is absolutely no reason to be posting "in before the lock" in a thread.  If you feel a thread is going to be locked, DO NOT POST IN IT.  You are spamming the board.  Also if you think a thread is going to be locked, remember that you are NOT a moderator.  It is not your call to decide whether or not a thread should be locked.  If you feel it should be, use the rating system. 

If you feel you must post "in before the lock" you can expect a temp forum ban for spamming.  If you then create an alternate account, you can be IP banned (that means all your accounts are locked). 

If you create multiple accounts to downgrade someone's post just because you do not like the user, that is also abusing your privileges. 

Let us try to have a happy productive forum here.  No one wants to be a babysitter and no one wants to have one here.  Please abide by these rules.  Have fun but use common sense.

Thank you.


PS: No one is getting in before this lock.