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This series has been boring me for a little while but this issue picks the pace right up. Betty’s story is pretty interesting and actually creepy.

I like that Abomination is still threat to Hulk (more than a threat, basically stomped him), and that Hulk reverted to Savage after (I like the different identities, I enjoy that the MCU got rid of it but it is still nice to see it used so much in comic format).

The art was pretty solid this issue, loved the last panel.

Special mention to the cover, I think it’s Alex Ross and it is beautiful.


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bump, people must be reading this series.

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Still cant get past what they did to Rick. Its brilliant but twisted as well.

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This series is amazing, what happened to betty is confusing but intruguing, they're really going in deep on the whole "demon" aspect of the Hulks.

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This book had me hooked from jump. Lol

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The issue was phenomenal and heart wrenching, the whole butterfly metaphor was really telling. I have a feeling we are gonna get some big revelations in the next issue, can't wait.