If you were going to join a group of Villains/Criminals which of these power sets would you want

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Poll: If you were going to join a group of Villains/Criminals which of these power sets would you want (41 votes)

physical stats x 50, fire manipulation 17%
physical stats x 50, water manipulation 7%
physical stats x 50, air manipulation 17%
physical stats x 50, earth manipulation 15%
animal mimicry 17%
telekinesis max 2 tons 20%
Telepathy 25 people at a time 17%
Healing factor as long as your brain is ok you can heal from anything including immunity to poison, viruses, toxins, ect 20%
invisibility, intangibility, and force fields 41%
erebokinesis, shadow marionette, animated shadow (when your shadow comes to life) 15%
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#1 Posted by StellatedColt (1010 posts) - - Show Bio

Probably intangibility, invisibility, and force fields.

Telepathy would be cool but I could get ambushed or picked off from afar.

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#2 Posted by DarkDementor101 (851 posts) - - Show Bio

Considering the fact that you made this survey in the form of a checklist input rather than radio, I'm just going to go on the limb and pick all of them!

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#3 Posted by Richubs (7528 posts) - - Show Bio

None because the heroes would win anyways because of PIS.

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#4 Posted by TheSpartanB345T (5229 posts) - - Show Bio

Animal mimicry is seriously OP. Crazy stats, fit through anything, venom, projectiles, super speed, armor, super senses, etc.

Probably the best option here.

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#6 Posted by FlashGreaterSignEveryone (1897 posts) - - Show Bio

Dude physical x50!! I would bench 11,000lbs at that point, my vertical jump would be like 150ft, I would run at like 750mph and my reaction time would be 0.0049s. I'd be broken as hell. I wish i knew how much force i'd punch with.

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#7 Posted by Darkthunder (3783 posts) - - Show Bio

Animal mimicry

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#8 Posted by Fabricolage (2186 posts) - - Show Bio

Animal mimicry or the erebokinesis one because both can lead to decent chaos and being able to somewhat come back after a defeat.

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#10 Posted by The_living_tribunal_24 (6689 posts) - - Show Bio

last 2 options imo

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#11 Edited by Iron_Tiger (1600 posts) - - Show Bio

Invisibly and intangibly wicked with a side of force fields to your head and kablooey!!!1!

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#12 Posted by BatmanPlusJay (5175 posts) - - Show Bio

The first 4 and be The Avatar on steroids.

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#13 Posted by Drape (38 posts) - - Show Bio

Shadow powers ftw

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#14 Posted by ArranVid (2860 posts) - - Show Bio

Thanks for tagging me Wilkiins17 :-) yeah this is an original and interesting one. I would go with telekinesis (max 2 tonnes). I could move the good guys out of the way using my mind and I could move objects too...plus 2 tonnes is actually a high limit. Telepathy could be helpful because you can read the minds of the cops but telekinesis enables more physical attacks using the mind...I would never kill someone even if I'm a criminal but I would maybe hold them in the air using telekinesis or hide somewhere and throw objects using my mind so that the good guys think that something spooky is going on with ghosts and stuff and run away

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#15 Posted by deactivated-5d02b103bd907 (188 posts) - - Show Bio

I would never be a villain but I voted for the healing factor so I can be a Die Hard Hero.

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Probably the healing factor. Just as insurance.

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#17 Edited by deactivated-5d7ba2bb87d2e (1532 posts) - - Show Bio

Earth bending at X50 stats

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#18 Posted by EmmaFrostXmen (4303 posts) - - Show Bio

Telepathy lmfaooo, I would only ever need to control like 8 people at once, but If can control 25 I can take over the world

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#19 Posted by TonyStark6999 (2735 posts) - - Show Bio

invisibility, intangibility, and force fields

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#20 Posted by SpareHeadOne (7549 posts) - - Show Bio


Water beats everything

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#21 Posted by macleen (3767 posts) - - Show Bio

Telepathy. take control 25 presidents across the globe, hell I only need like 10 presidents, the other 15 people would be my errand boys as i work from the shadows.

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#23 Edited by Wut (7570 posts) - - Show Bio

x50 stats is derpy. Assuming you run the human average of 28 mph, that means you would run at 1,400 mph. That is about twice as fast as the sound barrier. Even if you were only capable of benching 200, you would be benching 10,000 pounds. You could pick up a car and smash someone with it for lawls. Your reaction speed would be at the point you'd see bullets moving at a snail's pace, which does beg the question if seeing the world move so slowly would drive you utterly insane as would the sudden overwhelming sense of taste, smell, etc, but I am assuming this is being handwaved in the same way it is handwaved for the flash. Then consider how your durability and healing rate would also be increased by this amount...

So.. the physical stats, alone, is enough for that to be utterly amazing.

As for which manipulation is best, it'd be between earth and air... so.. for the sake of being whatever, I'll take the Earth Manipulation.

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#24 Posted by SocaJunkie (9679 posts) - - Show Bio

Physicals + air manipulation

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#25 Posted by Roverlord (63 posts) - - Show Bio

Shadow manipulation, healing, and forcefields. That'd prooably be enough to keep me alive and scary.

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