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what 5 superpowers would you really like to have!

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@ilikefords4455: SUPER STRENGTH: this doesn't just affect your muscle strength this can also affect your lung power to help breath underwater it could make it so I could jump like the hulk.WARGING: this is the ability to change into any animal I want and maybe even turn into one that isn't real as long as you can picture it! Dragons anyone?. INTERDIMENSIONAL WARPING: this is the ability to fold space and time to your will so you could just teleport your self anywhere like that or maybe even open a portal and go to different dimensions! IMMORTALITY: the ability to never age because of the insanely rapid repair of cells in your body like what would of happen to Wolverine if he didn't get adamantium put in him' and you can never die. PYROKINESIS: complete dominion over fire and any heat up to an extremely hot heat! fire can even heal you and you can control any source that is present and you can even create it your self! so yes you can have a lava bath and relax and go save some lives!

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The kind of speed force wally has times 5

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Super strength

Complete Immortality

Reality Warping

Super Speed


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F - Fire manipulation (aka pyrokinesis), I can control and warp any flame I see and create my own fire in boundless quantities.

E - Enhanced physicals. My strength, endurance and agility are all bolstered to incredible levels, enough to effortlessly lift an apartment block and take the full force of a neutron star without issue.

A - Astral projection. Similar to Dr. Strange, I can enter and leave the Astral Dimension and communicate with spirits.

T - Terraformation - I can alter the surface topography and atmosphere of planets to make them habitable for other species, and recreate a world in my image, with half the population gone.

S - Super speed. Fast enough to reach speeds of mach 900 and for people to appear as statues to me whenever I want them to be. Anyone who has moderate superhuman speed will be suspended in motion, because I'm simply too fast.

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Space Time Manipulation, Creationism, Dream Walking, Imaginary Number Domain Manipulation, and cloning. I think those powers would be enough to make me practically a god and to live how I want.

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Mind control

Super speed


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@b_0023 said:

@deathstroke512: You'd die at that speed with human level durability.

Speed force would protect me whether human or not.

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@deathstroke512: Lol that's one of the most accurate memes I have ever seen.

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I would ask for 5 relatively humble powers.

1-Super Strength (At least 100 tons)

2-Speed (At least sub-sonic)

3-Durability (Enough to hit with all my strength and speed and not break my arm, and Bulletproof.)

4-Telekinesis (Lift at least 100 tons.)

5-Eidetic Memory (That way I learn to fight and strategies)

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Complete control over Reality

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  1. Absolute shapeshifting (so traditional shapeshifting like Mystique, but also the ability to go beyond that like MM or Magus.)
  2. Super speed (like FOX Quicksilver level, no speedforce BS.)
  3. Mind control
  4. Mind reading
  5. Enhanced physicals (high tier durability and strength)
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The Powers Alex and James Heller have, lol.

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1. Shapeshifting (can use to heal).

2. Spiderman level physicals.

3. Cosmic Awareness

4. Ability to summon giant mystical beasts and demons (to possess people).

5. Dominion: I can control allliving organisms on a cellular level. I can infect you with a dangerous bacteria or give you cancer.

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Persuasion, nuff said

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Not going to count hax/utterly ridiculous powers.

1. Accelerated healing (1,0000x faster with regenerative capability - able to heal a broken arm in 1 hour)/disease and toxin immunity/decelerated aging (200+ yr lifespan) - no risk of mutation -> dysplasia with accelerated healing

2. Brick qualities: enhanced durability (10,000x - larger bones can withstand 4500 tons of force, bulletproof up to heavy artillery) (can withstand temperatures between -200 F and 4,000 F) and mild super strength (50 tons)

3. Super speed (Mach 10+) (with ability to control time perception to function easily at these speeds)

4. Powerful telekinesis, precise down to the molecular level and strong enough to propel my body to hypersonic speeds and lift buildings

5. Greatly enhanced senses (able to see entire EM spectrum, down to optical resolution limit and beyond w/ x-rays (similar to x-ray crystallography to see at molecular level; smell like Wolverine, hear over miles)

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Unlimited Happiness