If Hulk got another solo movie who would you like to see him face?

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Poll: If Hulk got another solo movie who would you like to see him face? (57 votes)

Juggernaut 16%
Red Hulk 25%
The leader 18%
Maestro 11%
Wolverine (as antagonist rather than a straight up villian) 23%
Other (please specify) 9%

If Hulk got another movie who would you like to see him go against? I think that the Maestro would be awesome but I am unsure if they could pull it off well enough.

Perhaps it would work better as a third MCU Hulk film and with red Hulk acting as the villian for the second.

Anyway, what are your guys thoughts?

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Hulk vs. Wolverine will always be the dream, but with current MCU Hulk I’d like to see him go against Maestro

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Red Hulk or wolverine.

Wolverine would be best if they wanna introduce a new wolverine

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One Below All.

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@army2442: Would like to see him fight someone who gets him super pissed

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New MCU Wolverine all the way... and maybe Wendigo. :)

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Id like him to face a good writer..

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i would only like Wolverine as maybe as a brief enemy but definitely not the main one.

Probably U-Foes or Leader.Maestro wouldn't be bad either considering where the MCU is at and with Professor Hulk.

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Gladiator for me that would make for a awesome movie. An a good fight.

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Rulk or anyone else with the same stat.

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People come to a Hulk movie for the fights, so while the Leader was set up in the last movie, I don't see him coming back immediately. I'd use the opportunity to introduce mutants to the MCU and do the classic Hulk vs Wendigo vs Wolverine.

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Red hulk is cool but I rather have leader as he could make for a better villain than a brick

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Wolverine is the most unique. Mastero or red hulk could also work I guess.

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Wolverine. Just make Hulk and wolverine fight but let this just be a small part of the film like Thor vs Hulk was in ragnorak. Plus it’s the perfect way to bring wolverine in considering wolverine first canon apperence was against fighting hulk in comics.

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Hulk's solo movie would be him dabbing

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A street leveler, Hulk vs Black Widow would be a great fight

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It would honestly have to be Wolverine at this point, I can see a movie involving the two serving as a decent origin for MCU Logan.

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Gladiator or Hyperion

Black bolt

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The Leader would be great.

I'd also love to see him face a "proper" Abomination

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Red Hulk. As much as I kindof dislike the character in the comics, they've pretty much already set him up in the movies, as Thadius Ross has been a re-occurring minor villain throughout the MCU films.

Leader was also set up, but he got taken out by Black Widow in one of the tie-in comics. Abomination would just be a re-hash of the last one. Maestro would be cool, but think they are far from bringing him in yet. Juggernaut & especially Wolverine should show up in a proper MCU X-Men first. I do see a future Wolverine vs Hulk fight happening at some point on screen, though it'll likely be like the Thor vs Hulk fight from Ragnarok.

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Leader was also set up, but he got taken out by Black Widow in one of the tie-in comics.

Seriously? Wow, what a absolute f*cking waste. I would hope that Abomination would come back as to really bring the drama to hulk films, but if they are just gonna kill off one of his main antagonist in a comic tie-in that I doubt many people read... Well I just lost all hope.

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The Avengers.

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The Living Tribunal.

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Wolverine, Thanos or the Leader

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Red Hulk.

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Wolverine and the Leader

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I would like to see world war hulk adaptation where he beats everyone and faces sentry

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Red Hulk

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Id like him to face a good writer..

Alright, I'm taking you back to the precinct. You thought you could give someone third degree burns and not get locked up for it?

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Superhero sucks. So, no I don't want another shitty movie.