If a new DC and Marvel crossover happens which fights you want to see ?

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Mine are Doomsday vs Hulk

And New gods vs X men

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Superman soloing Avengers casually

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Superman soloing Avengers casually

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Thor (Jane Foster) vs Wonder Woman

Captain America vs Deathstroke

Scarlet Witch vs Zatanna

Black Widow vs. Black Canary

Wolverine vs Batman

X-23 vs Batgirl

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Champions Vs. Teen Titans, as unfair as it may be

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Superman knocking Hulk out and showin that his growing strength is nothing, and humilliating Thor

(This is when he already oneshoted the rest of the team)

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Goku vs Superman

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Ichigo vs. Naruto

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I want to see the JL sit down with popcorn and watch as Clark fodderizes the entire MCU blindfolded, making bets on how long it takes until he starts bullrushing and blitzing and on what people.

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Would rather have a good story than evenly matched hero vs hero fights.

Ghost Rider/Batman.

A Spider Family/Bat Family mega crossover. (I can see the opening with Silver Sable bringing a beat to crap Spider Man to Wayne Manor). Also a Spider-Man/Nightwing costume swap where Killer Croc throws a punch only for 'Nightwing' to catch it, make a snarky comment, and uppercut him into the ceiling

Similarly, a 'mythos' crossover. Thor, Hercules (both Marvel AND DC) Wonder Woman, and a Xena and Gabrielle cameo.

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Eternals vs New gods

Apocalypse vs Martian Manhunter or Despero or Doomsday or Mongul

Sentry vs Superman

Impossible Man vs Mxy (rematch)

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Hulk Hogan soloing Superman and The JL with a bigboot and a leg drop.

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Punisher vs Joker. I think this has happened before years back, but I really like the idea of the Joker running across someone who is really about that life.

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Deathstroke vs Cap

Superman vs Thor

Green Lantern vs Hulk

Martian vs Silver Surfer

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Darkseid vs Thanos.

Lucifer vs Dr Strange

Lobo vs Gardians of the Galaxy

Bane vs Juggernaut

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Silver Surfer soloing the JL

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Captain America vs Deathstroke

Deathstroke vs Cap


Eternals vs New gods

And this

Now Darkseid vs Thanos, Doctor Fate vs Doctor Strange, and Superman vs [insert hero/villain here] would all be intriguing, but I think these match-ups are too predictable now. Everyone has already thought up and exhaustively worked out a million and a half ways it could go down, and if put to the pen, let's face it; nobody would be satisfied with the outcome of whoever won.

Cap vs DS borders this same category, but I think it's reasonable enough to still happen. But Eternals vs New Gods, now that I find quite interesting...

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@eri123 said:

Silver Surfer soloing the JL

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@jb681131: Juggernaut would accidentally kill Bane and he wouldn’t even realize it.