I like Aaron's Thor run

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After reading War of Realms and thinking back on Aaron's Thor run, I don't think it's anywhere near as bad as people say. There are some bad parts sure, the golden hammer Thor arc was kinda goofy, Odin's characterization was not great... to say the least, and the power levels were inconsistent(which I don't think is that important). But I think a lot of other complaints about the run are a bit unfounded or at least not major enough to detract from the enjoyment of the story. We got some really good parts to this run, The God Butcher arc is easily one of the best Thor arcs of all time and Jane Thor is nowhere near as bad as people make her out to be imo.

So, I'm curious after War of Realms, is there anyone else who enjoyed Aaron's Thor, if so why and if not why?

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Kev’s weak bair

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Near the end Aaron's Jane was tame but I still remember those beginning issues. Those were absolutely terrible imo. Also, I will never forget that Aaron cucked us in the mini-series The Unworthy Thor. There was a lot of PIS and inconsistencies in the run but hey...................... at least the art was good.

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Kev is a skilled baiter.

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Em, he lost me after Godbomb

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@kevd4wg: Did someone just say they like Aaron Thor?

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Everyone is free to like things, even if they are bullsh!t.

:P jk

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Meh not worth reading tbh

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Hell yeah, I enjoyed it. One of best recent Marvel series, and it made Jane one of my favourite characters.

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Have you tried not liking Aaron's Thor run?

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Terrible opinion i hope u get banned

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But they made a whamen Thor. How could you like it?!?

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Terrible opinion i hope u get banned

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The God of thunder run was great and Unworthy thor mini was pretty cool. If you take away the Jane stuff and the complaints about power levels most people dont have anything bad to say about the run

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I back your statement, mate. There were some occassions when I was wondering why Aaron is writing such things because they are rather lackluster. However, if you look at it with a general perspective it's a great run. One of the very best if you ask me.

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@rbt said:

But they made a whamen Thor. How could you like it?!?

It's not that simple.

Having the power of Thor has never been a problem.

Becoming the God(dess) of Thunder neither.

But Thor is a name.

It would have been similarly stupid if Marvel had decided to name X-23 Logan, or Sam Wilson Steve Rogers or Riri Williams Tony Stark.

Or in DC if Lois Lane suddenly became Kal-El

That critics of this stupidity are being called "misogynists afraid of more women getting super-powers in comic books" is a pure example of political correctness that is more and more present in entertainment, but also in the multimedia (radio, TV, journals, Internet etc...), politics, and multiple other parts of the society.

When something is bad and stupid, nobody should be afraid to say it just because it is "bad, stupid yes, but it was made to help improving diversity, so it's ok"

For the MCU next Thor movie, if Jane becomes goddess of Thunder, savior of Asgard and is able to use both Mjolnir and Stormbreaker I would not care if the the script is well written. But if she changes her name to Thor, that would be as moron as it was in the comics.

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Jason aaron sucks balls. Anyone who says otherwise is just wrong.

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I liked it.

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@rbt: no. Your comment was funny and my answer too serious