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Who has the Best/Strongest Healing Factor?


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1. I searched for this and didn't find another thread like this on CV


2. I don't know if this even counts as battle but Hope's up!

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Don't know much about Hulk's regen, but Wade has better hf than Logan .

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I want to say Hulk, though Deadpool's Healing Factor is pretty impressive.

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I'm fairly sure that Wade has the best HF out of anyone here. Although Hulk's is close.

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Not a Battle

Make Sure It Is a Battle

The battle forum is for actual fights between characters. Things like 'who has the coolest power' or 'who gets the most chicks' ARE NOT BATTLES. Just because you put 'vs' in the title, does not automatically make it battle forum worthy. They should be placed in general discussion or in off-topic (depending on what they're about). As well, fights with characters who are not comic book or manga characters or haven't featured predominantly in comic books or manga (Bruce Lee vs Chuck Norris, Barney Stinson vs Joey Tribbian etc) do not belong in the battle forum, either.

This has been discussed between the battle forum mods a bit. These are guidelines for what does and does not constitute a battle.

  • Who Can Beat _____? - These are not battles and should be placed in that characters forum from this point forward. If they aren't and a mod notices, they'll be moved.
  • Power vs Power - Things like Optic Blast vs Heat Vision are not battles and will be moved to the appropriate forum from now on.
  • Item vs Item - Things like Mjolnir vs Captain America's Shield are not battles and will be moved to the appropriate forum from now on.
  • Can ___ Do ____? - Things like 'Can Wolverine's Claws Cut Cap's Shield' or "Can Superman's Heat Vision Melt Adamantium' are not battles and will be moved to the appropriate forum from now on.
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@shawnbaby: Alright, Changing it to Gen. Discussion forum then. Thanks

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Honestly I'm going to say Deadpool has the best healing factor mainly due to the fact that I think with Hulk he's aided more by the fact he is less susceptible to taking damage rather than needing to recover from it (I.E: I've never actually seen a situation in which the full extent of Hulk's healing power has been revealed).

Deadpool has been shown to recover from a large amount of damage very quickly and typically with Logan though he also has a very strong healing factor he tends to be prone to getting KO'd and it doesn't seem to go as quickly as deadpool's does.

So. 1st) Deadpool, 2nd) Wolverine and 3rd) Hulk.

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Hasn't Hulk regenerated faster then an acid that destroys on a Moleculic level? Everyone saying Deadpool like it's obvious.. thought it would be a bit closer :/

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@dewin50: Well if that's the case then fair enough it's just to be honest I have to figure for Deadpool to have become so popular without any other abilities so quickly his healing factor must be something off the charts. If what you say about the acid is true then yes it's a lot closer and Wolverine is actually lowest on the list. I suppose it depends on the extent of which you can recover from the most serious injuries.

I'd still say Deadpool is the best because apparently he's even survived decapitation more than once. As for the Hulk and Wolverine I'm still unsure as to what extent they can heal their wounds.

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I imagine they are all on a par with Guyver and could regenerate from chunky Kibble if the writer wanted. So I'm going for a three way tie, the speed of the regeneration however is Deadpool unless hulk is really angry.

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Probably Hulk.

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I don't know how old this post is and excuse me if i am doing something wrong with responding to this but, the hulk does not have a better healing factor then deadpool. He just straight up evolves into surviving anything that damages him to begin with but the wounds still heal about the same speed as wolverine. i mean in planet of the hulk he swims into molten lava with very little damage done to him to begin with because he got pissed off at the world for breaking. he didn't survive that from constantly healing over and over again the nature of his power is getting angry at said thing doing damage evolving to survive said thing thus he can survive in space and such he could probably survive going into the sun. while deadpool using his healing factor has swam in a nuclear reactor granted he needed the radiation in the hulks blood to fix his healing factor but he still survived the swim. and if anyone mentions how wolverine has a weaker healing factor because of the adamantite remember this deadpool has cancer though i may not be up to date on him and he may of cured his cancer but still his healing factor is healing the cancer at the same time healing deadpool of being blown apart in the same comic so he can kick some peoples butt. while wolverine may have a really powerful healing factor i still count him as second place because deadpool was made to be a better version of wolverine.

so my ranking would be Deadpool 1st Wolverine 2nd and hulk 3rd mainly because deadpool has shown losing limbs and growing it back instead of reattaching it wolverine has shown healing from bullet wounds that have penetrated him and the hulk heals pretty much scratches since he is just evolving to not be hurt by whatever hurt him to begin with

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Depends on writer

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I want to say Hulk, though Deadpool's Healing Factor is pretty impressive.

Cutting his head off for an hour will kill him

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Hulk is pretty insane. Check out The Immortal Hulk #8 - His Hideous Heart.


He was dissected with adamantium scalpel.

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Then snapped his finger to get out!

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Regenerate in mere seconds (while having a snack lol).

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Crazy huh? I KNOW~!

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