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I saw the movie and just thought how strong Broly would be when he had the same training as Goku and Vegeta had with Whis. Giving him the same time with Whis. Where would he stand. And which would be also interesting is to see him go into the HBTC a few times with Goku and Vegeta to give him some skill training and sparring to home his fighting skill and get control over his forms. How strong would he be after all that?

Last question: From his potential only where would you put him? Is he a lot higher than Frieza and Jiren? Or would he still have less potential than those guys?

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He’d be stupid powerful if he stacked his legendary/full powered ssj with god ki. His appeal though is the fact he’s more of a brawler and can hang with gods without going the same route goku and vegeta did so I kinda hope it stays that way. The movie definitely told us frieza is no match for broly since he got that hour beat down but Jiren is another story. Many think Jiren could still beat Broly due to skill and comparable power but from what I can tell Broly has the highest potential out of any character we seen so far, the fact he went from getting owned by vegeta to going toe to toe with gogeta blue and the fact he copies moves after seeing them once means Broly can progress easier than the rest

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Broly is a walking plot device, he will be as strong or weak as the plot demands.

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@kgb725: I wouldn't be surprised if that gets retconned in future.

DBSuper Broly was more about fan-service than something that adds any meaningful value in the franchise. Broly is broken as hell, has very little to no development or arc and his whole 'shtick' of boundlessly powering up only works cause he's Broly.

Watching SSBlue Gogeta repeatedly punch the hell out of Broly was the best part of the movie, at least for me.

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He has surpassed Jiren but I'm not sure of his potential

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@shouvik89: I meant Beerus level as in Beerus' true power will always be plot level.

I do think the anime/manga will clear up some stuff though

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@shouvik89: Idk if you watched the movie but Broly is not just some random dude with immense power without any arc to him.

He was put in the same birth caps as Vegeta having an even higher potential than him. Was called capable to be the legendary super saiyan from the getgo. His potential and fighting power was high from the very beginning. So it is not just because he is Broly but because he was already blessed with that powers.

But he never was a fighter he was a gentle person who played more than train like Goku in a lot of ways. He made a friend who was harmed by his father and he still wears his ear. Like said in the movie this is a pretty pure and untained story. But while Goku got a great parenting with Gohan Broly got the worst parenting possible in Paragus. He was trained as weapon and mistreaded all the time. His immense potential only showed itself when he was in rage. But he was not a good fighter because he never fought anyone strong enough. So we see in this movie how a good spirited person with a gentle heart becomes a monster because of his father and starts to show his whole potential while learning how to fight. And even while his father mistreaded him and used him he still never talked ill about him and got so enraged after his death that it triggered the SSJ transformation. This is a pretty decent arc for a movie he is introduced in and for a runtime of 1 hour and 40 min.