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Barry did speed steal once. He can't do it by himself, but only with another speedster. He did it in #7.

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Barry can not speedsteal, he never has been able to. He allowed the speed force to absorb the negative speed force and took control over it which he couldn't and ended up losing both before needing help to get the former back. Wally can't speed steal Hunter because of his powers, Hunter IS now tapping into the speed force because he could time travel using hyper time and he was able to tap into the speed force, the strength force and the sage force. Its right in issue #50

Barry actually stole eobards speed completly removing it from but who knows maybe he didn't steal his kinetic speed but being able to remove speed from someone like that is obiviously speed steal I forgot to mention he stole someones speed at Issue 7

First of all I never implied hunter was connected to the speedforce via sageforce and strength force, but the sageforce and strength force has a connection to the speedforce like every single force has a connection into one core the speedforce is just a fundemental not the core of fundementals

the reason wally couldn't stop hunter and even steal his speed because he is not connected to the speedforce when it comes to his speed, he only has a connection with the speedforce through sageforce and strengthforce 3 of those forces sharing the same core

He still used his old powers to run that fast, but he was struggling a bit since being outside inside hypertime means you're literally no longer in a dimension where time and space matters so he only sped up himself up running faster

There are 4 forces: Speed, sage, strength and still.. they are not all aspects of the speed force. They may be connected but being a part of one does not mean that you have control and abilities over the others. Even if it did, then that would prove Wally still should have been able to speed steal him...

Indeed but what I was claiming is that those 3 forces speedforce, strengthforce, sageforce shares the same core of that makes their engine run

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@nakedsnek: no. Barry’s speedforce absorbed Eobards negative speedforce and it’s stated as much on panel. Barry’s been able to re-absorb the speed that he lost to other speedsters due to the speedforce but Barry has always needed context or help to do so. He’s been cut off from the speedforce before and he can’t just steal it from other characters. Not at all like Wally’s West can. There’s Soo much misinformation about Barry cutting off Eobard, limiting Godspeed or absorbing speed in the in the shadowlands or getting it back from the New 52 users randomly embedded into the speedforce... none of that is remotely the same thing as speedsteal/lend. It’s technically similar but it’s isolated to only the speed force and as I said before, it’s always required context.

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@nakedsnek: also Wally couldn’t speedsteal Hunter because his frame of time is in the future and the way Johns explained it, albeit biased, was that you can not steal something that in a technicality it doesn’t exist yet.

Apologies for sporadic answers I’m having to use mobile and I hate commenting when using my cell phone

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@nakedsnek: JL#3 confirmed that the invisible emotional spectrum is also one of the "7 hidden forces of the universe." So technically there are 5 that have been revealed thus far

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@nakedsnek: @firestarlord73194:

That means what: Speed, Strength, Sage, Still, Invisible Emotional Spectrum (like the lanterns?)

If there are 2 left I wonder what they’ll be? Probably something with magic or the like.. but I’m not sure about the last.

Also, did I was looking at Superboy Prime in his Anti Monitor armor in a video and it looks a great deal like the image of “inmate crisis”. The only thing that looks mildly different is the head, since obviously SBP had hair. But still, hopes are high!

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@firestarlord73194: in fact, it could be Darkseid: given the eyes, and the frame and hatred for Flashes (killing him twice now in major story arcs), Anti Monitor: same sorta looks like the outline of the shadowy figure and the way that the rogues were killed, or SBP BECAUSE I WANT IT TO BE HIM lol

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@supermanwithatan01: maybe, although darkseid is already pretty active in the wonder woman title and in the upcoming justice league:odyssey but its a good theory although id still put prime or antimonitor on the top of the list

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I wouldn't be surprised if it was the anti monitor

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maybe its savitar?? or i think it is probably SBP

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I can’t see it being anyone other that Anti-Monitor or Superboy Prime. Anti-Monitor has more connection to Flash, but we’ve already seen him in recent continuity, so my money’s on Prime

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@supermanwithatan01: Sage might be magic but even us are unsure what they are capable all we know that they give the user telepathy and telekinesis but how powerfull is it, Strengthforce is obvious

But zoom mentioned the last force which was the stillforce he needed but I am unsure if any other forces has a connection perhaps those remaining forces might not be for the flash but for other justice leaguers so we'll see whats those left


Its pretty clear thats anti monitor he has those anti matter powers which Prime himself dosen't really have and I think they destroyed his canon aka his suit that he created, he has a smaller form aswell so who knows anyway my money is on Anti monitor judging by the dialogue and powers

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Flash war should end with the flashes trapping whoever has been writing the flash since the new 52 started into the speedforce.

They're absolutely horribly written, rushing into climatic world-threatening events that symbolize profound philosophical lessons without bothering to build up to the events or even put in the neccessary character set up to make the supposedly important payoffs remotely compelling. Flash needs new writers. Good writers. People who know how to write compelling narratives, not people who can think of cool finale's.